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Guide to the Top Primary Schools in Singapore and how to select the best


As a parent, it is sometimes too difficult to select one school out of many good schools. Ofcourse, you want to make the best decision while choosing a school as it is a stepping stone towards a bright future for your child. There are approximately 186 schools in Singapore and each school has its specific attribute that can carve the path of your child’s future. It is quite normal to feel overwhelmed by the information available on the internet. 

The new PSLE scoring system makes the process even more difficult to understand but with the right resources, you can get the answers to all your questions. So, in this blog, we will read how independent schools prove to be the top primary schools in Singapore. But before jumping straightaway into that let me tell you about primary schools in Singapore.

Primary School Structure in Singapore

Primary education is significant for a child because it lays the foundation of the entire education pathway of your child. In Singapore, primary education is provided to students of 7 to 12 years of age, i.e., from grade 1 to 6. 

Grade Age of the student
P1 ( First grade) 7
P2 ( Second grade) 8
P3 (Third grade) 9
P4 ( Fourth grade) 10
P5 ( Fifth grade) 11
P6 ( Sixth grade) 12

The following are the Types of Primary Schools in Singapore:

  1. Government schools- Government schools are regulated by the government. They follow a national curriculum and charge standardized fees.
  2. Government-aided schools- Government-aided schools are run by different communities with the help of the government. They charge fees equivalent to government schools
  3. Independent schools – Independent schools in Singapore are private schools and they charge fees accordingly.
  4. Specialized independent schools- Specialized independent schools are private schools and cater to students who have an extra interest in subjects such as arts, mathematics, science, or academics.

Independent schools – Top primary schools in Singapore

Nowadays, Parents are choosing independent schools in Singapore over other schools because independent schools bring added advantages  for both the parents and students. Let’s see how independent schools prove to be the top primary schools in Singapore

  • Simple admission process-  The admission process of independent schools is much simpler as compared to that of government schools. Private schools are more common among international students. As a newbie in Singapore, you always look for hassle-free ways because migrating to a new place itself brings a lot of hassles. So if you are an expat and you don’t want to go through the long admission process of government schools then choose independent schools. 

Curriculum– The private schools follow a curriculum based on international standards. So, people who want to migrate to their home country or would like to send their children to some other country can get their child’s admission in private schools. 

Individual attention– The teacher: student ratio is high in independent schools as compared to government schools so teachers can give personal attention to each student. 

Let’s talk about how personal attention is beneficial for your kid:

  • Ample opportunity for your child- Personal attention of teachers provides ample opportunity to the kids to show their skills. Teachers are able to pinpoint the mistakes so that the students become the master of those skills. Kids do have an inbuilt talent but they do need nurturing so that their talent is mustered into their strengths.
  • Measuring the performance of each child – In public schools, students are filled to the maximum capacity but in independent limited students are there in one school. So teachers can easily keep a track of the performance of each child. 
  • Boosts student-teacher relationship- Personal attention to children will also enhance the student-teacher relationship. Thus teachers can build trust among the students which in turn helps the children to confide in the teachers.

Higher standards– The standards of education in independent schools are more than that of other schools. Students studying in independent schools tend to perform better even in colleges because the standard of education is already high in independent schools and students usually don’t feel overwhelmed when they go for higher education.

Discipline– The independent schools put special emphasis on discipline and they take strict actions if any of the rules are breached.

  • Uniformity to reduce peer pressure- In the growing age, the students can get under peer pressure so  private schools have uniforms to maintain uniformity that reduces the peer pressure
  • Rules and Regulations- Rules and regulations restrict the child from performing any activity that might harm himself or other students. Appropriate action is taken if any student breaks the rules. 

So we have discussed so far the advantages of independent schools but now the question is how to select the top primary schools in Singapore

How to select the top primary school in Singapore?

Make a list – Make a list of the primary schools near your location or where you want to relocate. 

Complete research– Now, one by one, pick each school and do your research thoroughly. During the research, you will look into the qualities you are looking for. Don’t forget the needs of your child to satisfy your desires for a  competitive environment in school. You need to balance both things. Following is a checklist you can look into to make sure you cover the required topics of research. This list is not exhaustive and there can be specific requirements that your child might need. To customize this checklist accordingly.

Fees – The fees of schools generally vary. Some schools charge a hefty amount while others charge an affordable amount. Even if you find a school that is not in your budget, don’t strike down that school from your list straightaway. Look for scholarships and financial aid you can get from the government. But of course, keep backup options ready. 

School hours – Check whether the schools are day schools or evening schools. The reason it is important is that if you are a working professional then your working time must match with your child’s school hours otherwise the child might get neglected. So check the timings accordingly.

  • Accreditation– Check whether that school is accredited. Accreditation ensures your child is in the right hands. Because schools have to make continuous efforts to meet the guidelines of accreditation that in turn brings a lot of quality to the education provided to the  children.
  • Transport facility- Check whether a transport facility is available and how much it costs.
  • Location of school– Schools that are near your home are preferable so that commutation time can be minimized which in turn provides more time for other activities.
  • Special portal for communication between parents and teachers- Schools that have a special portal for communication between parents and teachers are better because this ensures that there is no communication gap between parents and teachers. 
  • Extracurricular activities – Extracurricular activities are equally important as academics because not all students are good at academics. Some students have an interest in sports, music, dance, art, and craft, etc. Moreover, extracurricular activities enhance cognitive skills and build leadership and teamwork.
  • The curriculum followed – Choose the curriculum that is in sync with your child’s future goals. For example, if your child wants to migrate to any other country then choose a curriculum that is available in the country in which he wants to migrate.
  • Language of instruction – Check if the language of instruction is comfortable for your child. You can also choose a bilingual program that most private schools offer..
    Shortlist – Now shortlist the top 4 schools as per your requirements based on the analysis you have done.

Book virtual counseling or visit the school – Finally, book virtual counseling or visit the school so that you can see how the school is and whether the school is the right fit for your child. But before visiting the school, do make a  list of questions you might want to have answers on or you might need clarity on. This ensures that you don’t leave a stone unturned and make an informed decision.

Choose one – Finally based on your visit to the school, choose one school that you feel is the best for your child. 


Choosing a good school for your child is an important decision for your child’s future so make sure you start the process of school admission well in advance so that you don’t miss the deadlines. Choose an Independent school in Singapore that will cater to your child’s developmental needs.

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