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Good morning phrases to dedicate to someone

This compilation of good morning phrases will help you understand that giving thanks for the gift of dawn puts things on another level. Waking up is almost a miracle, if you think about it, the mere fact of opening your eyes is something surprising.

From coaching, motivation theories and various spiritual currents consider the moment of waking up as a powerful source of energy that can transform our entire day. This is why starting our day to day with words of joy and gratitude directly influences how we perceive things throughout the day.

Thinking about this, today we wanted to make the best collection of good morning phrases so that you start your day on the right foot, and why not? Perhaps with one of these phrases you can give your friends, loved ones and acquaintances a dose of extra energy. You can also use this compilation of Guten Morgen Sprüche to dedicate to your partner.

Good morning phrases that are the best to wake up

1. “I woke up and already apologized, said thank you, took a deep breath and called for love and calm.” Mariana Arán

2. “I woke up to say I am, I am, I want and I can, I appreciate it, I ask that it be repeated and I share it with you too.” Mariana Arán

3. «I woke up before the sun and the birds were already making the sky with their songs. I want that for you, that your tunes of freedom, love and dreams are so high, that they can build a sky over the darkness of your fears.» Karla Arango

4. «I woke up thanking what is important and also what usually seems inconsequential, because everything is necessary in the drawing of my life. The main and the accessory. Everything is genuine and vital.” Mariana Arán

5. “I woke up because dreams feel more beautiful in real life” Karla Arango

Good morning phrases for children

1. Sometimes it is difficult for us to get up and leave the bedroom, either due to tiredness or laziness, and this is something that also happens to children.

2. So that waking them up is not a nightmare, every day we can dedicate an affectionate and motivating phrase to our little ones.

3. They will jump out of bed with enthusiasm and with the desire to take on the world. Also, what better way to wake up than with someone who loves you and shows it to you as soon as you open your eyes every day.

4. Awaken my treasure. Let’s go for a new day full of adventures and color! Only you can choose the color you want to paint it.

5. My dear it’s time to get up. Today it’s time for school, which is equal to homework and fun. See your friends and learn new things. Let’s go for a great day and full of joy.

Motivational phrases to wake up

1. “There are two ways to live your life. One is thinking that nothing is a miracle. The other is thinking that everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein

2. “Man never knows what he is capable of until he tries.” Charles Dickens

3. «Every morning, when we wake up, we resurrect; because when we sleep we die for a few hours in which, free from the body, we recover the spiritual life that we had before when we still did not inhabit the flesh that now defines and limits us, and we were, without being, a pure mystery in the total rhythm of the Universe.» Elijah Nandino

4. “To wake you up early, he thinks of everything you want to achieve and go for it.”

5. “The best gift you can give yourself every day is to get up early and chase your dreams.”

6. “Don’t wait; it will never be the right time. Start anywhere, by whatever means you may have at your disposal that you will find along the way. Napoleon Bonaparte

7. The birds sing and the light of day appeared, it is time to open your eyes and read this message that goes with all my love, good morning queen of my heart.

8. I’m sure you’re the woman of my life because when I wake up I just want to see you and give you a big kiss, so don’t delay in opening your little eyes to say good morning, sweetheart.

9. Good morning little princess, I hope you woke up very well and have a nice day, I just want to ask you to please remember how much I love you.

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