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Fleet Insurance Broker Manchester

Fleet Insurance Broker Manchester is recognized as the leading insurance advisor in the market, expiring to exceed our client’s expectations at every point. We are a trusted insurance broker and our aim is to become the leading trusted advisor in Manchester. We will give advice on all areas of publication to the business and we also provide risk management and claim support assistance.

How do we work?

Our team will take control of your account and will present your task across the fleet insurance market that will give you the option of skipping your needed connection with other insurance brokers.

Fleet insurance brokers

If you are the owner of a fleet of vehicles then you must always be looking to reduce the cost of your running vehicles whilst keeping service from your fleet insurance broker.

Fleet insurance broker Manchester

It does not matter whether your fleet is large, small, or privately owned, we are sure that we can provide you with a competitive quote supported up by our brilliant services.

We have strong relationships with the leading fleet insurance brokers in the UK. we have the access to expert fleet insurance brokers that are directly not available to the public that gives fleet insurance at reasonable prices through expert comprehensive fleet policies.

Fleet insurance

Fleet insurance is a very good way of insuring your vehicle under one policy. Maintaining the performance of the fleet combined under one policy will allow you to maintain better charge of your vehicles with a standard insurance renewal date.

It does not what is your size of a fleet and irrespective of vehicle profile, we are very certain that we can arrange a fleet insurance package that will be according to your demands, which will provide you advantages in cost and efficiency by the comfort of management.

Fleet insurance brokers

Fleet insurance brokers cooperate with a reliable panel of insurers to give you the best deal that is available for you. Insurers will also offer you discount rates for those companies or individuals who will show attention in the administration of their fleet over risk management processes that have been achieved and have low or no claim history. Those fleets that are well managed will get an advantage from insurers who are interested to write the business and allowing competitive premiums.

Benefits of fleet insurance

  • It is a very cost-effective way of insuring your vehicles.
  • The administration and management of the fleet are very easy.
  • There is a policy extension that suits your demands.
  • It will be easy to keep the track of your vehicle’s cover and it is very easy when it falls under one comprehensive policy and it is certainly cheaper than insuring each vehicle separately.

What do we need to provide to get a fleet insurance quote?

Below is the information that you should need to provide to get the quote. In addition to it, we will also need a copy of your current insurer’s claim history. If you fail to provide this, we cannot provide you a quote, but if you want to get an alternate quote, we will recommend you request your claim history from your current brokers as soon as possible to avoid any delays to get alternative quotes. The details are as follows:

  • Company name
  • Contact number
  • Postal address
  • Website
  • Business description
  • Current insurer
  • Renewal date
  • The last premium paid
  • Use of vehicles
  • Cover required: third-party only; third-party fire and theft & comprehensive

Fleet Management

There are some questions that needed to be answered before managing your fleet:

Do you have a fleet manager in place? If the answer is yes then whom? How often do you review your license? Are the drivers restricted to certain vehicles? Do your driver undertaken any training or not? If the answer is yes, then provide your details.

Do you have any process in place if the driver is involved in an accident and at fault?

If the answer is yes, then provide your details.

Do you have any other processes to manage your fleet?


  • Registration
  • Model
  • Engine size
  • Year of making
  • Weight
  • Seats
  • Value of the vehicle
  • Type of vehicle
  • Owner of the vehicle

Every insurance will need the same information from you and we will recommend you save the form. After filling that form, you will find a broker you are comfortable with and allow them to do work for you.

Is fleet insurance cheaper than individual insurance?

Fleet insurance is generally cheaper than individual vehicle insurance. If you have more than two vehicles in your fleet, you will get benefit from getting a fleet insurance policy to cover all your vehicles together, instead of insuring them all together.

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