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Everything you need to Know about Insulated Panels

The following text about Insulated Panels for walls and roofs is written for people. Its goal is to provide an overview of the subject and information on numerous areas such as transportation and relocation.

What are Insulated Panels?

As the name implies, sandwich panels are made up of many layers – usually two thin covering sheets with a core in between. However, it is the only resemblance they have to a sandwich! The sandwich panels outlast their edible counterparts in terms of durability: Because the different layers are tightly bonded to one another, composite panels are commonly use.

Using Insulated panels 

  • Many industries, including aerospace, automotive, and construction, use insulated panels. This paper focuses on prefabricated insulated panels in the construction sector.
  • Insulated panels are ideal for the construction industry because they save time, money, and weight, and they can be utilized as a wall, ceiling, or roof. If the panels are shipped directly from the manufacturer, they are immediately usable. They may be fastened to a support structure straightforwardly and serve as stable walls and roofs with high insulation capabilities.
  • Insulated panels are now prevalent for the lightweight construction of halls and roofs for residential structures due to the qualities mentioned above.

Insulated panel composition: the outside

An insulated panel’s outer shell comprises numerous layers that protect the panel from environmental factors such as UV radiation and corrosion. The following diagram depicts the outer shell construction in detail:

  • Because each separate layer serves a specific purpose, it’s crucial to consider the environmental elements to which the insulated panels will be exposed before purchasing them. Following that, the appropriate materials and coatings can be chosen.
  • Because the outside and interior sides of insulated panels are regularly subjected to drastically different environments, the lacquers and materials utilized differ depending on which side they are on. For example, a UV protection layer should always be present on the external shell, and strong corrosion protection should be employed in damp interior places such as swimming pools.

The thickness of the material

The panels’ shells come in a variety of material consistencies. Thinner material is lighter and less pricey, but it is not as stable as thicker material. It is possible to walk on a panel made of thicker materials without destroying it. The thickness of the steel sheet is usually between 0.4mm and 0.6mm.


All of our panels are galvanized to provide corrosion protection.

The coating on the outside

  • The coating adds to the insulated panel’s protection by shielding it from corrosion and UV rays. Depending on the circumstances in which the panels will be utilized, a range of quality levels is available.
  • The coating’s quality can be improved in two ways: by using newly discovered materials and coating technologies or by using a thicker coating. The standard polyester thickness of 25 is applied to the exterior and inside our insulated wall and roof. The majority of competitors only provide 15 percent of the time.

Insulated panel transportation

  • If you decide to use insulating panels in your construction, transportation is the first step after making your order. There are several fundamental requirements to follow for panels with lengths of up to 24 meters. To ensure that the insulated panels arrive unharmed.
  • Insulated panels are typically sold in packages. These containers must be positioned horizontally on plastic foam or wood spacers to avoid damaging the panels during shipment. Please keep in mind that the spacers must be spaced appropriately. Of course, the support surface should match the shape of the package.

Insulated panel storage

  • Insulated panels must occasionally be stored on a construction site or in a warehouse for logistical reasons. Please make sure that the panels are never placed directly on the floor but rather on spacers made of wood or polystyrene that are broader than the panel.
  • The spacers must fit the shape of the panels and be compatible with the product. For example, the spacers for a curved package must have the same curvature. If stacking the products on top of each other is necessary due to a shortage of space, please utilize spacers between the individual packages. The higher spacers should be positioned similarly to the lower spacers.

The wrapping up 

In summary, we will conclude that you know the concept of sandwich panel and which Insulated Wall Panels is suitable for you and make the right choice. According to your requirements, Burton Industries has been a supplier of the leading panel suppliers in Melbourne. They made cool room kits, doors, and panels for Victoria’s supermarket, guests, and fast food, agriculture and event industries for half a century.

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