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Computers and Technology

Download Root Genius On Your Device

Root Genius is the perceptive and best supportive software to root any type of Android smartphone or tablet and supports up to ten thousand (10000+) android devices. This is a one-click software rooting tool, downloaded only for Android devices that help for both mobile and PC platforms which is developed by a team from China.

This rooting tool is developed in the Chinese language. The latest version of the rooting tool is  Root Genius v3.1.7. This keeps up with the Chinese language. If you are not sure about the Chinese language, you can use the English language by downloading this rooting tool.

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Why do we need rooting for Android devices? Android devices are developed by Google. After that, they will send devices to each manufacturing company. Here they will develop the system for each phone model. After manufacturers will provide an operating system to the Android devices and block the features. However, you can unblock the features and take a complete right to your hand and you will become an administrator. For this, you can plump for download root genius. You can try this app for Android mobile phones and desktops. They are Root Genius APK (Android Package  Kit) download and Root Genius PC Download.

Why is Root Genius the best?

We can take look at lots of rooting tools such as  Root Genius, SRS root,iRoot,vRoot, Root khp, SuperSu, Kingroot, king root, and very much in the rooting market.No matter we must determine which one is best before the selection. With the high rates of reviews and comments from the user, we recommend Root Genius. Anyhow, Why is Root Genius the best? Root Genius is an unbelievable free application that makes you an administrator. It is far from any other rooting tool, this is user-friendly, faster, and easier to root your Android devices. This Root Genius rooting tool download is excellently coded by an expert team. Another thing is it is a one-click application tool that obtains superuser access to Android devices.

Features of the app

  • This is a one-click rooting tool that gives you a single touch on the app
  • the tool is a user-friendly toot which non-experts also can get the idea of this rooting tool
  • You can root with this rooting tool in both Android mobile phones and personal computers
  • No need to pressure an active connection to Root Genius for rooting

Root Genius APK Download

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For the Android mobile version, you can pick up Root Genius APK download, a one-click app. With the help of one-click touch, you can root your mobile device easily. You do not have trouble with connecting cables or computers because you can directly download to your mobile phones. So no need to carry the computers with USB cables. The latest version of the mobile platform appears in the English language. So if you are not ready with this part you can see the earlier version touched up with both English and Chinese language.

Root Genius for PC Download

If you wanna be a superuser of your device you must try Root Genius and go with leading functions and features. So no worries, get this rooting tool with just one click. Root Genius for pc download raises its power to Windows PC connections with faster and easier access to a wide range of Android devices. When your mobile device fails with rooting tool app downloading you can choose this marvelous option and you can save your valuable time and effort. The Root Genius for PC download tool is easy because it has a larger interface than your mobile device. Therefore you do your downloading clearly.

Advantages of rooting

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  • Flashing the stock ROM
  • Installing custom ROMs and Kernels
  • Installing different features which have third party apps
  • Disconnect bloatware(any unwanted, hidden program on your laptop, phone, or computer) apps
  • Supports the Android OS system to the newest
  • Make a user as admin of the device keep all the functions and features under the user control
  • Help to take off pre-installed crapware from the system
  • Robotize the total Android system
  • Complete recovery support and backup
  • Speed up your device
  • After rooting the device you can upgrade your battery life of the device by downloading apps to increase the  battery life

Disadvantages of Download Root Genius

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  • After rooting your device the company totally stops the responsibility
  • The warranty of your device is totally canceled by the manufactured company
  • Your mobile device is not considered by the manufacturer companies even your phone has a brand name
  • No more software updates
  • Miss security chances
  • Chances to enter viruses to device


  • Backup all your data of your Android device
  • Install the drivers
  • Select the proper version of the app
  • Fully charge your device until it stops the downloads
  • Make sure with the supportive WIFI connection

How to download the Root Genius?

  • Take a visit to the google play store for mobile and use the search engines for PC versions to download the software
  • Go to the settings of the device
  • Click the About device
  • Tap ten times on BUILD NUMBER
  • Next, you can access to DEVELOPER option
  • Enable USB debugging. Then you can root your mobile phone or personal computer or tablets easily
  • The app appears on your device after downloading. Now you can follow instructions for rooting
  • If you want to be more clear about the rooting again you want to visit the play store and download any perspective  root checker

 Versions of the root app

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  • v2.2.82
  • v2.2.83
  • v2.2.84
  • v2.2.86
  • v1.6.6
  • v1.6.69
  • v1.6.73
  • v1.4.51
  • v1.4.55
  • v1.3.47
  • v1.3.48
  • v1.0.21
  • v1.0.22
  • v1.0.23
  • v1.1.33

Use the one-click rooting tool to achieve all the benefits through the rooting process. Root Genius is very much helpful to add colorful features to your Android devices in a proper way.


Hello there, I am Laura and I’ve been writing on various tech niches to make this an interesting tech era for you. Keep on reading and have knowledge on these wonderful topics.

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