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Don’t Miss Out On These Mobile App Development Trends Of 2022

With 3.48 million apps on the play store and 2.2 million apps on the app store, one may think the demand for apps will slow down. But that’s not the case. On the contrary, it is increasing rapidly. The stats from Statista support this statement.

According to Statista – the app development market is expected to cross $ 600 billion by 2025. All thanks to continuous evolution in app development.

Nowadays, people spend a lot of time interacting with mobile apps, putting mobile app development at the forefront of business requirements.

Businesses that want to stay ahead of the competition always look for new technological developments, and app development is no exception.

It is necessary to follow the ever-changing trends and respond accordingly. Some have been around for a while, while others may change the market demands this year.

Here are the trends that may transform the app development market in 2022.

5G Technology

5G has been doing the rounds for years. Now it is operational in various parts of the world and soon will be in all major countries, including India. A report published in CCS Insight says that there will be 3.6 billion 5G connections by 2025. Unarguably 5G is faster than 4G by miles. It means blazing fast internet with wide bandwidth can change the app development dynamics. 5G will improve the AR and VR integration as it can handle vast volumes of data at lightning speed. Moreover, 5G technology will transform video streaming by allowing real-time, high-resolution streaming.

Internet Of Things(IoT)

IoT is the network of interconnected devices that provide automated control to users. Who would’ve thought back in the 90s that one day the internet would be controlling our home and office? IoT has the power to control and automate everything. Be it your TV, the lights of the kitchen, and even the lock of your door, you can control almost everything remotely. Users have become accustomed to apps and expect more from mobile applications. It led to the surge in mobile penetration across various sectors and has created new opportunities.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality are two revolutionary technologies. They have changed the way we interact with our phones by allowing us to engage in new and thrilling interactive experiences.

Virtual reality places you in a virtual environment that you may explore using a headset. Augmented reality is a little different. Instead of bringing you to a virtual environment, it uses a smartphone to layer digital visuals onto the real world around you.

AR is the top choice for content creators as it helps them be more creative. You can see the implementation of AR in Instagram and Snapchat filters. On the other hand, VR is also making its case, especially in the gaming sector. Virtual reality can amplify the gaming experience by implementing it with phones, applications, and wearables.

As per Statista, the global AR and VR industry will reach $209 billion by 2022.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Do you wonder how youtube recommends the video you want to see? How the product you searched on Amazon appears on the websites or social media platforms? All these are possible because of the power of AI.

There is no denying that AI and ML have transformed app development. However, we still know only a little of them. Both artificial intelligence and machine learning can do things beyond our imagination. Whether it is user experience or the backend process, AI makes apps smarter and better in every sense.

According to Statista – the global AI market will cross $51 billion by 2022 and $126 billion by 2025.

Wrapping Up

Mobile applications have drastically revolutionized the world, and with the assistance of technology, it is becoming even more advanced. People use mobile apps to simplify their life and save time on regular chores like shopping and bill payments. The future holds some incredible mobile app development technology that is beyond our wildest dreams!

Mobile app development companies draw huge revenue and exposure to various clients. Companies who want to be competitive and a step ahead of their competition should have an eye on the mobile app development trends listed.

You don’t need to include every trend in every app you create. But to adapt with the time, you must have a broad awareness of how the market is changing. The things you are doing today may not be viable after a few years if you don’t remain updated with the upcoming trends. The app development market is huge. It has endless possibilities of getting bigger and better. Keep yourself up to date if you want to keep climbing the ladder of success, or else you will be left behind your competitors’ miles away.

Etelligens Technologies

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