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Does Your Child Grind Their Teeth? | Ask Woodforest, Houston Dentist

Do you hear the sounds of grinding and gnashing teeth when you look in on your sleeping child? Teeth grinding, called bruxism, is common in kids. Bruxism is the medical term for the clenching of jaws or grinding of teeth. About 3 out of every 10 children have teeth grinding habits in America. This often happens when your child is in the deep sleep phase or when they’re under stress. Let’s learn more about bruxism, its causes, and its treatment.

Causes of Bruxism

Experts are not 100% sure why bruxism happens. But in some cases, children may grind their teeth due to misalignment of their top and bottom teeth. Others do it when they experience pain, which may be in the form of earache or teething. Just like rubbing a sore muscle, children might grind teeth as a way to ease the pain. Another cause of bruxism is stress or anger. For example, a child might worry about a change in routine or a test at school. They may even do so when they argue with parents and siblings. Hyperactive children may also have bruxism. So, if your child has it, make sure to visit Rodeo Dental’s pediatric dentist in Woodforest, Houston. Our kid’s friendly dentist will diagnose and treat bruxism to help avoid dental complications.

Effects of Bruxism

In most cases, bruxism goes undetected with no adverse effects. Other times, it can cause headaches or earaches. Teeth grinding and clenching habits can also wear down tooth enamel, increase tooth sensitivity, cause jaw problems and damaged teeth.

Treating Bruxism

Most kids develop bruxism. But you can help keep the problem in check by performing parental observation and regular dental visits. If your child experiences face and jaw soreness or teeth damage, visit a pediatric dentist. They may prescribe a special night guard for your kid. The night guard is the same as a protective mouthpiece worn by athletes. Your child may not like a mouthpiece initially, but this dental appliance can give positive results very quickly.

Helping Kids with Bruxism

Whether your child is experiencing bruxism due to physical or mental stress, they might control bruxism by relaxing before bedtime. For example, taking a warm bath or shower or reading a bedtime story can help your child relax before sleep.

If your child has bruxism because of stress, talk it out with your child and find a way to help. In rare cases when the issue is more complicated, your doctor or dentist may suggest further evaluation. This can likely help you find the cause and provide a proper course of treatment.

Preventing Bruxism

Most cases can’t be prevented as some bruxism is natural to your child’s growth and development. However, stress-induced bruxism is avoidable. So talk with your kids about their feelings and help them deal with stress. Don’t forget to take your child to a pediatric dentist for routine dental checkups. We can help find and treat bruxism.

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