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Develop a Video Conferencing App like Zoom and Offer Modern Communication Options

Are you an entrepreneur aiming to offer crystal-clear audio and video communication options to your customers? If yes, it is the perfect time to build a Zoom clone app. It is a customized video conferencing solution that is cross-platform compatible and user-friendly. The online communication platform is highly suitable for both business firms and individuals. 

Who can techpreneurs target with a Zoom clone app?

Entrepreneurs can offer tailor-made video conferencing facilities for a huge user base. They can attract users by providing various options for conducting events, networking sessions, meetings, and webinars.  

Financial Institutions – Banks, investment firms, payment processing gateways, and peer-to-peer (P2P) lending firms can use the Zoom clone. Accordingly, the Zoom clone complies with the rules of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). This ensures a high level of protection for brokerage firms, investors, and stock exchanges. 

Homeowners – Zoom for Home is becoming popular now. It is pioneering the field of smart communication. House owners can make instant video calls directly. They can also pair Amazon Echo Show, Google Nest Hub, and Portal TV via Facebook. Users can sync their adapters, webcams, and USB drives. 

They can utilize options like breakout rooms, content sharing like documents, images, and videos, screen-sharing, a social media login mechanism, virtual backgrounds, and whiteboarding. Entrepreneurs can mint money by selling software licenses. 

Multi-industry video conferencing solutions – Techpreneurs can mint huge revenue in no time from an app like Zoom. They can entice several sectors like education, healthcare, financial services, and information technology (IT). 

Accordingly, entrepreneurs can increase the credibility of their Zoom clone app by enabling government agencies to use it in their day-to-day operations. Currently, Zoom offers an exclusive package for public agencies. They benefit from features like AES-256, annotation, closed captioning, HD audio and video clarity, screen-sharing, and swift recording of sessions. 

Employee management – The Zoom meetings clone app offers 2 plans (Small Businesses and Large Enterprises). They can conduct video conferences for 300 to 500 participants. Besides that, human resource (HR) professionals of business firms can manage their existing and new workers. 

They can monitor the productivity of full-time and part-time staff. Recruitment managers can utilize functionalities like breakout rooms, a private chat option, a single sign-on mechanism, recording of audios and videos, and unlimited cloud storage facilities. 

Therefore, the Zoom clone app is effective in conducting appraisals, interviews, onboarding sessions, sales presentations, and training programmes. 

Enterprise communication options –  Entrepreneurs can impress corporate companies by providing cloud calling facilities. They can offer an Enterprise Cloud Phone System (ECPS) for business firms to manage their hybrid workforce. 

Organizations will get advantages like call recording, HD audio and video clarity, and real-time monitoring of call quality. They can boost their efficiency by integrating with other platforms like Google G-Suite and Microsoft Office 365. 

Likewise, corporate firms get access to a Zoom Phone Hardware as a Service, and a Zoom Phone Pro subscription for calling both domestic and local numbers. Accordingly,  business establishments can use two facilities for hassle-free communication.

They can utilize Direct Network Peering (DNP) for private interaction. This leads to a higher Quality of Service (QoS) that manages both the network data and traffic. Further, they can use Automatic Call Routing (ACR) with options like auto attendants and call queues to share messages. 

Clinics and Hospitals – A video conferencing app like Zoom provides first-class communication solutions for healthcare organizations across the world. The online platform follows all the guidelines of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), 1996, Personal Data Protection Act and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), 2000, and Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA), 2004. 

Hence, the information of patients is kept highly confidential and will not be shared with any third parties without their consent. The Zoom clone for business is perfectly fit for biotechnology companies and pharma enterprises. 

Accordingly, small clinics can purchase software licenses either monthly or yearly. They can collaborate better with doctors and nurses, integrate the video conferencing solution with their online healthcare systems, and organize telehealth sessions with patients. 

Hospitals can also integrate with their Zoom meetings clone app with medical devices and web cameras. Further, they can accurately maintain their Electronic Health Records (EHR)

What is the cost of developing a Video conferencing app like Zoom?

The total budget of curating a Zoom clone app depends on numerous aspects. It relies on the choice of features and functionalities, cross-platform compatibility, hourly charges paid to the front-end and back-end developers, the level of customization required by entrepreneurs, the kind of tech stack, and the time allotted.  

How has Zoom taken over the video conferencing industry?

Above all, Zoom is the biggest beneficiary of the global Covid-19 pandemic. It is adding new features, enhancing the user interface (UI), and offering new solutions for various industries. 

The Zoom platform has become the number one choice when a person wants to initiate a video conference. It has overtaken other names like Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, and Webex by adding more users. 

Importantly, Zoom allows recording of all the video meetings. This is a huge positive for enterprises and individual users. Accordingly, they can refer to the data anytime and will not miss out on anything important. 

Wrapping Up

Hence, clever entrepreneurs should introduce a Zoom clone app and upgrade their tech venture. They can pocket unbelievable revenue by offering separate subscription plans to users for organizing events, cloud calls, meetings, and webinars. 

Techpreneurs can grab the golden opportunity with both their hands now by developing video conferencing app like Zoom. They can contact an app development company now and start a new era soon! 

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