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Computers and Technology

Dahua CCTV Camera Technology: Right Video Surveillance System for Your Store

Artificial intelligence integrated into video surveillance solutions brings great benefits to retail. These systems are prepared to ensure the security of a large or small store, while capturing information of great value for the development of the business.

In recent years there have been great changes in the retail sector in terms of operation and customer service; especially in what has to do with the automation and digitization of the purchasing process.

There you can mix the physical and virtual space to achieve a better service and experience for buyers.

In this process, electronic security or video surveillance is increasingly oriented towards artificial intelligence, combining imagery with data analytics and deep learning, technologies that, together, allow retail to improve its sales process.

In this sense, video surveillance CCTV cameras have a central role for image analytics and for the data that these systems can offer as support, to go a little further in the security of any business.

According to experts from Dahua Technology, among the considerations that retail owners should take into account when adopting or modernizing a video surveillance system are:

  1.       That the video and the information of the corresponding POS – a system in a retail store through which a customer makes a payment, which uses terminals, touch screens and various hardware and software options – can be displayed simultaneously both live and in live mode. reproduction.
  2.       A system that allows text search to find invoices and their associated video recordings.
  3.       A Fisheye camera that offers heat map functionality, displaying hot and cold areas based on the flow of customers. This will improve business analysis and at the same time provide a 360-degree view of the store’s sales floor.

Benefits of Video Surveillance Systems for Retail Store Owners

This type of system offers great benefits to the retail or retail trade: security and loss prevention, prevention or detection of internal and external theft, fraud at ATMs, as well as a safe and secure purchase process for the customer.

They also offer business intelligence for the reduction of OPEX (operating expense, operating expenses, or operational expenses), to increase the efficiency of the store and improve the profits, since it allows to understand and take advantage of the relationship between the traffic data of people in the store and transactions.

Specialized Dahua solutions for the retail or retail sector

Unlike e-commerce, the traditional retail industry faces many challenges in accurately calculating visitor flow to create an efficient adjustment of business operations that is consistent with flow analysis and conversion rates.

These are some of Dahua Technology’s solutions to support retail:

People counting chambers for entrances and exits

For entrance areas, for example, Dahua has counting cameras that determine the number of people leaving and entering a store, as well as the hours and days when the highest visitor traffic is recorded. This traffic analysis can greatly improve business efficiency.

One of the great advantages of this system is to optimize the capacities of the personnel, since it identifies the flow cycles throughout the day, month or year, in order to help align the personnel for an efficient relationship with customers in the peak hours, through the re-accommodation or integration of personnel with these flow data.

They also allow creating a customer demographic (age, gender, expression, etc.), facial profile detection and generating demographic reports.

Cameras for entrance control

The cameras Dahua Ultra Smart series support up to 140dB WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) for sharp image quality even in high contrast or backlit environments. With them you can control the entrances of the store at all times.

Solutions for the store area

For the store area, Dahua also offers different solutions which, combined with Fisheye cameras, completely cover the shelf areas together with the entire store.

Additionally, advanced analytics can provide a visitor flow distribution heat map. Increased surveillance coverage greatly reduces theft, to ensure a safe shopping environment.

Box solutions

At the cash desk, Dahua’s POS system, with the POS 2.0 version, which integrates video and audio, allows searches for information related to the point of sale, with a great capacity for analysis to offer a daily Business report Intelligence (BI).

You can integrate everything with the Dahua integrated management solutions management software, DSS Pro, compatible with CCTV (closed circuit television), access control, artificial intelligence, video intercoms and license plate reading, among others.

Big data, the important CCTV contributions of this trend to the parking industry

One of the most shocking realities in the world of technology is its ability to collect huge amounts of data. That these are really useful, as well as analyzing them in the best possible way, is essential for the advancement of industries such as parking.

Data is essential for proper decision-making

Data collection has become a by-product of business. Checking tickets and parking meters is becoming a waste of time.  

Today, a growing number of digital payment stations connect to the cloud and governments are making use of technologies such as automatic license plate recognition, ALPR, to cover more areas in less time.

While these technologies have made efforts more efficient, they are also providing more information.

Sometimes this overwhelming amount of data is difficult to interpret and the analysis becomes frustrating. In the process, it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters: understanding how this information can help organizations and governments think and act better.

What you cannot measure cannot improve, and data analytics precisely allows real-time measurements and knowledge of consumption patterns.

It is known that 2.5 trillion bytes are generated daily throughout the planet, enough to think about how this well-analyzed information can improve the performance of organizations in general 4 .

“Knowing, classifying, filtering and using the information through an analysis of these data is essential so that they then become true assets and business generators of the company,” says the engineer.

The importance of a good analysis and interpretation of the data

It’s important to take a step back and ask ourselves: what does big data really mean? Answering this question often reveals that data volume is not the most relevant concern for parking operations or even growing cities.

Instead, it is the quality and interpretation of the data. “Many systems provide basic, unstructured information that doesn’t reveal much. Only with high-quality data can parking managers, cities and companies understand how to act, based on real-time information to better plan and make effective decisions,” says engineer Jorge Sánchez.

Data as the foundation for optimizing operations in the parking industry

Meaningful data does matter. Systems that provide structured and easy-to-understand data help users understand the flow of information, giving them an advantage by offering specific benchmarks.

For example, systems like ALPR can tell parking managers, and organizations in general, who entered, which places, how long they stayed, what time they entered, and what time they left. This helps to improve the service.

“With this information, your parking surveillance and control personnel will be able to direct drivers to areas with free parking spaces, thus improving the flow of traffic in their cities,” says Genetec’s Manager of Transportation Business Development.

British embassy in Mexico and the Institute of Policies for Transport and Development (ITDP) have carried out a study named “Fewer drawers, more city”. That study reveals that the area dedicated to parking is growing faster than any other use of the land. However, public space continues to be collapsed by the large number of vehicles in search of space, and this does not mean a lack of places but, in many cases, an inadequate management of these.


I'm working as a technician at Germany computer and telecom, a company that imports and sells CCTV Camera, Access Control System, and other security equipment. I like to gather knowledge about new technology and also inform others.

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