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COVID-19 and the Transitory Nature of BPO

One fact is an undeniable truth, the COVID-19 pandemic has caught off-guard every industry, including BPO. The way the pandemic has unfolded and ravaged human life can work as a portal for better or worse one. As a matter of fact, Health Industry has to be the first on the list of constructive corrections. The purpose of the BPO industry is to provide in-time service when customers need it. Unfortunately, like any other industry, it also collapses. The Healthcare sector has been the backbone of a healthy economy for any country. Medical experts look for outsourcing partners for the medical sector to improve operational efficacy and speed.

COVID-19 Pandemic and its effect on the Health Sector across the World

COVID-19 Pandemic and its effect on the Health Sector across the World

The pandemic has still unfolding negative consequences on people. From Delta to Omicron and Deltacron, new variants are coming out every day. Except for Omicron, other variants are not so contagious. The estimation is that around 407 million people globally have been infected since the pandemic started, and about 18.5 million people in the UK found themselves infected during this pandemic with the virus.

People are still suffering from this virus. However, there are many countries that are coming out of this pandemic and trying to give people normal life. Contrary to this, the UK has reported its first case of Deltacron- a hybrid of Delta and Omicron. However, the health experts are not so much concerned about this as it shows mild symptoms. WHO has estimated that around 3.3 million people died because of corona and the counting is on. Talking about the situation in the UK, almost half a million people lost their lives after the pandemic started.

The Impact of COVID-19 on the BPO service Comapany

The Impact of COVID-19 on the BPO service Company

BPO industry serves the healthcare in dealing Finance and Accounting, claim insurance, medical coding and billing, appointment, call centre etc. These activities are not essential and can be handled by experts working in the BPO industry. BPO experts have access to the latest technologies to perform repetitive tasks. Medical fraternity hires to bring agility and efficiency in their sector. In addition to that, they can focus on core competencies like patient care and treatment.

Outsourcing has also been affected by this pandemic. Their unpreparedness to respond in time added up to the existing inefficacy of the healthcare industry. The pandemic showed us how people were dying from lack of oxygen and PPT kits. These facilities should be core competencies of the medical sector. If people die because of oxygen, we have to realise the health sector is overburdened. Hospitals denied patients because there was not enough accommodation.

Outsourcing partners also failed during the pandemic to deliver their service. Moreover, BPO had to change their working pattern. About 50% working of the total working capacity had to migrate to work from home mode. The agility of that requirement was also absent in the BPO industries.

What can BPO Industries Do in Improving Healthcare Facilities?

What can BPO Industries Do in Improving Healthcare Facilities

In order to work and become more effective in delivering service, BPO needs to revamp their working style. BPO service in the UK wants better equipment and the latest technologies. Otherwise, the future of BPO is bleak.

  1. Establishing Remote Governance is important for a BPO to work properly. Besides, there is an issue of monitoring for a BPO from a remote part of the world. Some of the common concerns are – do you trust the agent, do you trust the network, or do you trust the device. These issues have to be solved.
  2. Data Security is a major concern for everyone. Privacy and protocols are the first things clients look for. This trust can be earned through various certifications from trusted international organisations and institutions.
  3. Remote Contact Center Solution or call centre are to be operated with excellent communicators. When people are in distress they look for the call centre. With knowledge, call centre experts can help people with accurate information. Advanced auto dealers for calling can be great to track and get the patients the necessary help.
  4. Working from anywhere anytime is should be our be a new standard working model. The Healthcare sector suffered a lot because of the contagious virus. People cannot touch each other, and doctors treat patients in isolation. The inability to go anywhere for help costs lots of lives. People working for BPO should be allowed to work from anywhere and anytime.
  5. Serving Customers on Multiple Channels gives us resourceful windows to help patients. The BPO service providers need to outreach to multiple channels. So, when patients need a medical emergency, they can use various options.
  6. Real-time Remote Monitoring is also an option for BPO supervisors. They can take action according to their requirements.
  7. Gamification is one viable option to boost workers’ morality in work culture. Working from home has its perks, but it leads to isolation. Employees suffer from depression, anxiety and other mental disorders.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. How does COVID-19 affect the health sector?

Ans. The pandemic has overburdened the health sector due to excessive activities. The whole medical facility is found unprepared to deal with this contagious virus.

2. How does the pandemic affect the BPO industry?

Ans. The virus caught the BPO industries off-guard during this pandemic.

3. What is the number of people died because of the virus?

Ans. Around 3.3 million died because of this pandemic.

4. Why do BPO industries need to upgrade their working style?

Ans. Clients or Brands go to them to handle their non-core activities effectively. If they cannot, Clients get back to building in-house facilities.

5. What change can the BPO service in the UK bring in the health sector?

Ans. Efficient BPO service in the UK will bring working agility in the health sector, and medical experts can focus on serious issues.

6. What is Remote Control Governance?

Ans. Outsourcing is all about controlling things from the remote places where the actual company operates. This system is called Remote Control Governance.

7. What are the effects of the pandemic other than the physiological?

Ans. Patients also suffer from depression, anxiety and mental disorder due to unavoidable isolation.

8. What is the negative effect does the working from home model bring in the people?

Ans. It is very commendable that people can work from due to the pandemic. But Working from home forces people to isolation.

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