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Digital Marketing

Content Writer services

Video marketing, social media marketing, & SEO all require Content Writer Services firstly to strategize the exact tone and structure of the content to put across the intended message. Companies used content strategy abruptly with keywords stuffing and placement in the past years. Search engines like Google, Yahoo have started treating keywords in a more humane way for simplicity.

Determination of Subject Specialization

Either work in a field in which you are an expert or become an expert in a field you work in. This saying actually forms the basis of a content management strategy. When planning content, it is extremely important to progress in a subject you are an expert in. If the subject is outside of your expertise, you need to consult an expert on that subject. Not everyone can be good at everything, and not every copywriter can be good at writing about everything.

For this reason, it will be useful to work with experts in the subject while producing content and to determine your strategy accordingly. This issue is as sensitive as the target setting phase. At this stage, what will be told to which audience and how, is carried out and forms the basis of the content strategy.

Set Clear Goals and Manage Time

One of the most important aspects of content planning and strategy is setting clear goals. A Russian proverb says, “He who chases after dozens of rabbits will not catch anyone.” For this reason, you need to choose your target accurately and clearly. If you determine the contents by saying a little bit of that and a little bit of that, like a meal, there will be big conceptual confusions. Determine the content in the areas that you adopt the most among the goals that stand before you, that you will be most happy while working on it, and that you can produce content without getting bored. It will be very beneficial for you to create your strategies in this direction. If you work like a guided projectile locked on the target, sooner or later you will be able to reach your targets.

Content Marketing Strategy:

“Basically, the content marketing strategy is “Why?” is to answer the question. Why are you producing content? This main question is the other question and will bring to mind what needs to be thought through: Who are you helping? How should you help these people with a method and content that has not been thought of before?

To create your strategy, you should know:

A list of your goals for content marketing: What do you want to do? What impression do you want to create for your brand?

  1. Knowledge of your target audience’s characteristics, trends, usage habits,
  2. Content type selection – What type of content should you create? Should the content be written or should you use visual content such as info graphics?
  3. Content calendar – When will you produce what content and at what intervals?
  4.  How will you market your content?
  5.  What will be the measurement?When all these are formed in your mind, your strategy will be formed and you can start work.It is not possible to achieve success in marketing without having a strategy, setting goals and planning. Taking the necessary steps in content marketing will lead your brand to success.

Steps to Follow in Content Marketing:

1- The emergence or realization of the need of the consumer or the target audience,
2- Planning an effective and correct content strategy
3- Creating content compatible with the strategy
4- Applying the content to social media
5- Content distribution
6- Measurement
7- Reporting

Distribution of Content with Online Platforms

You have created a content that is compatible with your strategy, you have prepared your content by complying with all the elements that need attention. It’s time to share and distribute your content efficiently. At this point, the first thing to consider is to prioritize your target audience’s habits of using these channels when choosing distribution channels, namely online platforms.

Other important elements:

1) Your content should be featured on the company blog and/or other relevant blogs. Media sharing buttons should be in a visible place on the page. This will provide convenience to the reader and encourage sharing.

2) Make meta tags and pay attention to effective but necessary keyword usage. These elements will increase your SEO services power.

3) Internal and external links within the site will provide mobility and provide more information. Also, the links will help you rank higher in search engines.

4) Register with Google News to spread your newsworthy content.

5) Share on social media channels. Having a YouTube channel will be a great advantage in spreading your content. You should use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google +, Slideshare, Snapchat and WhatsApp actively and in a planned manner. Do not miss the visual support in all. Remember that the first thing that draws attention on social platforms is your visual and content title. Especially on Twitter, you can optimize your old content and share it again.

6) Reach your current user by email. Considering heavy mail marketing, remember that the headline and image should be very eye-catching.

7) Content successfully on Social Media platforms also greatly supports word of mouth. In addition, social media and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Being successful in social media will also reflect on search engines.

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How Content Writers Take Your Brand Forward

Content writer, the hero of content marketing, knows the elements that will move a brand forward and prepares its content by considering these elements.

If we count the common features of successful content writers and the content elements that will carry the brand forward:
The content they write contains “value”. It gives original information. This information benefits the reader.

With the right content, it leads the target audience to follow the company continuously and regularly. With the trust relationship that will be established over time, it enables the company to reach the “indispensable brand” level and creates a bond.

it enables the target audience to take action. Target audience: buying, liking, getting information, giving information, etc. directs the company to the desired actions.

Improves brand reputation. A well-prepared, decent content will increase the value of the brand in the eyes of the customer.

Increases brand awareness, reaches new customers, reaches new resources. Perhaps, while searching for other information in the search engine, you will reach your new customers with your brand page, which will be reached thanks to the content, or your current customer will be able to learn more about your company.

It enlarges the social community (the community that shares similar characteristics): It expands the number of consumers who follow the firm. It leads to the dissemination of information about the firm by this social community and the increase of community members.

Creates a unique audience

It ensures the formation of a continuous audience that follows the constantly created content, which will lead to faster action in this audience.

  1. Encourages risk taking. Again, he uses persuasion to activate.
  2.  It Creates addiction with its creativity and stories and thus turns customers into regular customers.
  3. Provides an increase in the number of users who become members via e-mail.
  4. Can create an audience specific to a particular domain.
  5.  Keeps the site up-to-date and active, that is, it is a constant source of live information for search engines such as Google.
  6. Answers the questions in its content, that is, it puts itself in the reader’s place and reveals what the reader will be curious about, asking and answering them.
  7. Original and creative texts increase site visits by creating great stories.

Should I Work with a Content Creator Company?

Despite your concerns such as “They are not from us, they can’t promote our products and services like we do”, “Will we waste time reading and correcting their writings”, “Is it worth the money we pay”, working with content producer companies is an opportunity that will both make your job easier and profit you in the long run. It will be a step.

Content producer companies are companies that have many content writers who are experts in their fields and have these writers prepare content in order to ensure that companies prepare correct, appropriate and target-oriented content.

Strategy of content writing:

1) 81% of users get information by reading content before shopping. A poorly written, unprofessional statement or blog post will repel your audience and damage your brand image.

2) You’re too close to your job: The content your own employees write is likely to be too technical and unnecessarily elaborate, which will make you lose your readership.

3) Your time and effort are both valuable: Content marketing is too precious to try, “Let me finish this job, let him finish the job I gave him, write something like that”. It is very important that you and your employees do your own business in their valuable time because content marketing is a business in itself. In 2019, content marketing is projected to be a $300 billion industry.

4) They can measure recycling. His expertise also includes measurement, reporting and consulting.

5) They have the knowledge and experience to produce articles according to Google standards and algorithms.

6) The article also goes through editorial control before it reaches you. No matter how good your knowledge of Turkish is, it would be safest to leave the job to professionals.

7) You will achieve better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results.

8) You will ensure the complete progress of your content calendar. You can produce more and better quality content.

9) You will leave the job to the experts in terms of grammar and use of punctuation marks.

10) With a “fresh perspective”, you promote your products or services. You will have content that is upgraded trends.

Briefly touch of Content Writer:

We tried to briefly touch on the features, reason, benefits and related issues of content marketing. The content marketing is currently the most efficient and practical tool of digital marketing. If applied correctly, it is indispensable in today’s world. In order for it to be implemented correctly, many elements, some of which are listed above, must be realised. Most importantly: It needs superhero content writers whose superpower is to produce great stories and content.

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