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Chopta Trek Most exciting place


About the trek

Wanna go to the most exciting place? We are presenting the article on one of the Himalaya’s most famous trek well-knowns as chopta tungnath trek. This trek is a famous gateway in the Hills. Chopta Tungnath Trek Difficulty Level lies between Easy To Moderate and is one of the most rewarding treks. It is settled at a Maximum Altitude of 11,154 ft with a trek distance of 5 km. 4 days of the thrilling journey can be experienced while traveling this exciting trek.

This trek offers an amazing and breath taking view of the Kedar and Chaukambha peak and tungnath temple. One can even capture the majestic view of Panchchuli, Nanda Devi, Nilkanth, and even Kedarnath. The 360-degree view sets the environment as a set of Bollywood movies. deodar and rhododendron forests of the Chanadrashila summit provides amazing views. The exciting journey will start from the Base Camp of Sari Village, Haridwar. One can feel the snow in each step of this journey. You can enjoy a beautiful sunrise experience from the top of the tungnath temple.

Chopta is popularly known as mini Switzerland in Uttarakhand. The purity and scenic beauty of this trek set it as the hotspot of solitude seekers and nature lovers. Throughout the year one can visit this trek. The sights of this trek changes with every changing season. Spellbound beauty can be experienced from September to October and April to May. Camping in the lap of chopta and amidst white snow or The Chopta meadows and the Deoria tal is going to be a wonderful experience. Bird watching and yoga and meditation are some relaxing activities to carry. Now let’s move on to some exciting places and sights one can visit or get during this trek.

Tungnath temple

The highest temple the tungnath temple is the main attraction of the chopta trek. Things one can do near the temple include Camping under the stars, trek through meadows and hamlet, visiting the holy and pristine temple, and receiving the blessings of lord shiva.

Sari village 

Sari village is the best destination for exploring the village life and it acts as the base camp for Deorial Lake and chopta trek as well. This beautiful small village is located at an altitude of 7800 feet and one of the popular tourist spots. One can also find lodges and homestays in this village. Take a break from the busy and monotonous city life and spend a day in the calmness and serenity of village life. Let’s breathe the fresh air in this village and learn village cultures and traditions during the exciting trekking journey to chopta.

Deer sanctuary

Kanchula Korak Musk Deer Sanctuary in Chopta-Gopeshwar road protects and provides safety to endangered Musk deer and some other endangered Himalayan lifeforms. One can do a safari, wildlife watching, and spotting rare Himalayan species in this sanctuary. This sanctuary is the most exciting part of the chopta trek for nature and animal lovers.

Blanketed with the dense forest of Chopta Valley, Rohini Bugyal serves as the perfect place for camping activity. Baniyakund is a little hamlet that marks the start of the meadow line for Chopta Valley.

the lake of Deoria Tal is located at a distance of 3 km from Sari village.  Things one can do in this place include trekking till the lake, embracing the local life, camping at the lake for the night, and bonfire with family and friends.

Chandrashila, Snow-Covered Hills, is one of the best places for sightseeing in Chopta. One can enjoy the view of the Himalayas, visit the temple, and can explore some mythological facts from this place.

Guys don’t forget to carry your camera as chopta is not an exciting place to visit but it has picture-perfect destinations and places to capture in the reels.


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