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Check Medical Astrology Today To Know Which Disease You Are The Most Prone To

Ayush was able to root out a tumour in his belly, which was undetectable by many hospitals. He gives credit to medical astrology, which helped him by giving him the idea of a major ailment in his belly. After a complete body scan, doctors were able to point to the location of the small tumour. Ayush thanks the website, which provided him with the idea about this ailment. There are several such cases in India and abroad where people gain insight into an upcoming disease from medical astrology.

Medical astrology is an ancient system that relates various parts of the body, human physiology, and diseases under the influence of the 12 astrological signs and planets. ancient Babylon spoken in ancient texts since ancient Babylon, Egypt, India, Greece, and early American folk medicine.

Want to know if you will encounter any medical issues in the future? Try medical astrology

Medical astrology is a great tool for examining your tendencies towards health and medical issues. according to medical astrology rules and associations can be used for herbal remedies,flower essences,food and nutrition.This will give you an additional idea of ​​what treatments or foods may help to depend on your astrological plan.

A birth card is a unique card that guides you to understand your innate nature and support it well on a physical, mental and spiritual level. This system provides you the idea for health and well being. Medical astrology is meant to give you an idea of ​​the basics of the attached table . In addition, here are tips on how to support yourself with various natural remedies and foods.

Don’t understand the real reason behind Unexpected diseases? Try medical astrology for a solution

The point of using a table is not to list everything for each character. These are general suggestions to consider. Your diet can be added with nutritional associations. As you read the description of your sun sign, keep in mind that you will not experience all of the illnesses and ailments listed. Medical astrology isn’t supposed to scare you; it’s there to find out which body parts and systems might need a little more attention, love and care.

If you don’t see a link to your health through your sun sign, read about your moon sign and power. Your moon and ascendance have a huge impact on your physical and emotional body, so it’s a good idea to take the time to feed them.

None of this information can replace proper medical diagnosis and treatment. The attached tables and information are for educational purposes only and are suggestions only to improve your health and well-being daily. They are not a substitute for medical care and, when in doubt, seek medical help for these health issues.

Medical astrology will give you insight into whether you’re vulnerable to any disease in the future.

Medical astrology reports also cover what science cannot possibly believe. Still, in the 1990s, NASA also proved that good spirits and evil spirits interfere with the weak. In medical astrology, medical astrologers can predict such problems from a horoscope and offer guaranteed solutions.

In general, medical science eliminates hallucinations of this type when a person feels like there is no experience communicating with an object. Our astrological reports help incomplete analysis of your life and solutions with the help of health astrology predictions. Note that several yogis are responsible for this disorder.

  • Wearer suffers from evil spirits when Saturn and Rahu are arranged in ascending order.
  • Saturn influences the moon in the sixth house, and Rahu or Ketu is in the seventh house.
  • The influence of Rahu on the moon in the first house and Saturn, Mars together in the same house in the Tricon diagram diagram.
  • The exchange between sun and moon.
know which planet affects your health from a medical astrology

The medical astrology report includes the yogis listed below for this tuberculosis. Health astrology helps a person recover from this disease when a doctor does not treat this disease.

  • Moon Krishan Paksha, placed in a water sign and influenced by the dark planet.
  • If the sun goes down together, too, it’s unlikely that you’ll recover.
  • The insurer is in the twelfth house, and Rahu is in the sixth.
  • Rahu or Ketu is sixth or eighth; then, you can get this disease.
  • Mercury is the ruler of the third house, ruling with the sun and moon.
  • There is no friendly aspect of the sun and moon when they switch houses.

Medical astrology reports cover your weakness or diseases like lung cancer, etc. This astrological health report provides evidence that yogis are responsible for any ailment and offer a cure for the problem. You should always keep your eyes open for such astrological predictions.

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