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Can BlockChain Be Used In Food Ordering Systems?

Every few years a new technology comes up that changes the way the world works. Few years back it was the mobile app. Now it is the blockchain technology that is changing our daily lives. Blockchain technology has already helped many industries. Online food ordering is definitely one of them. Today, we can easily track our food from our home or anywhere else. The online food ordering industry has been growing rapidly. Food ordering has gained immense popularity in the market.

The industry is working on meeting the demands of customer by investing in its production and logistics. For the past two years in the pandemic period, food ordering apps have been using various path breaking ways to increase their profits. They have made the supply chain more transparent and traceable. Blockchain technology ensures many things. Some of them are security, food hygiene, expense records, information security and functional efficiency. This is the go-to technology for the new era.

What is Blockchain Technology?

The blockchain is a decentralized, digital and shared ledger to maintain records. It is also used to track and secure all financial and additional transactions. Investing in the development of a food delivery app is certainly a great opportunity. But it is also a risk as it requires an advanced technology savvy system to function and be successful. Service providers always consider implementing blockchain technology in app development. One example is edeliveryapp.com – an online food delivery software and pizza ordering system that has already implemented blockchain.

Blockchain is gaining massive importance and will continue to grow in the years to come. Experts estimate that the market will grow to over $40 billion by 2026. With rising technology and industrial trends, it would be fair to say that this could happen before 2026. Let’s get into the pros and cons of blockchain-based food delivery apps.

Advantages of Blockchain Based Food Delivery Software

Food security

Food safety is the biggest concern of consumers when ordering food online. people are very particular about the quality of food. This is a major problem of food delivery businesses. With a blockchain based ordering app, it is possible to allow and provide 100% transparency in the supply chain. This avoids the risk of potential food security disasters. A study by Jupiter Research states that blockchain technology will help generate $31 billion in food fraud savings globally by 2024. Customers can also identify the ingredients, origins of their food products and ensure the quality of authenticity and cleanliness.

Smart contract

Smart contracts allow the food ordering service provider to verify and ensure the quality of the food. Each person involved in the preparation of food can enter information about it into the blockchain system. This data can be seen by the delivery service provider as well as the customer.

Fast and secure payment

This is a feature that makes online food ordering super cool and efficient. Now, you don’t need to pay in the old way and cross-check information by different vendors. This is done by Blockchain based apps that do fast and secure payments. The blockchain system provides 100% security and no user other than those who have permission can access the data. It avoids misuse of identity and information.

Simple Checks and Security

Blockchain based apps allows checking of delivery partner. Service providers can check the credentials of the delivery agent and restaurant through this feature. Everyone can get benefit of this facility.

Disadvantages of Blockchain based food delivery apps:

The food ordering industry faces many problems that cannot even be handled with blockchain technology. Let’s read about them here:

Wrong data collection

This is certainly one of the biggest problems in the food ordering industry. The workings of food ordering apps involve processes that can be difficult to track and report. For example, it’s not easy to trace small details like the brand of rice and the quality in your food. Raw material cannot be tracked and shown on the app to the consumers. No ordering system can give you exact details of all stages of the supply chain, from manufacturing, processing, to the food that is used.

Human Mistakes

This is the most commonly known and documented problem in every industry and system. Small and big problems will arise when manual efforts are involved. Blockchain technology helps ensure security and efficiency. This direct guarantee of information is not wholly valid. The data entered in the blockchain is subject to any human error. Human mistakes will be included in the events. But blockchain verifies and stores data and not events. This increases the risk of wrong information by accident. The blockchain digitally records the documents manually. Although blockchain technology promises transparency and traceability, it is difficult to guarantee accurate information in such scenarios.


This is one of the biggest challenges for blockchain. Blockchain uses entirely new technologies. Most or many of the software currently in use are built on old platforms that may not support blockchains. It does not make sense to again build the entire old software from scratch and the cost adds up many times. It is also human nature to resist change.


Blockchain technology has certainly impacted the food delivery industry and helped it to grow. It is an evolving technology that is highly involved in the development of food ordering apps. There are more reasons for blockchain technology to grow in the coming future.

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