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Best Ways to Identify Fraud Packers and Movers

Are you among the ones who fail to avail the services of the best packers and movers? Well, then you are not alone as most people find problems in finding professional moving companies. They end up contacting the fraud movers only to get a moving service that is substandard and unprofessional. Many people commit the mistake of not researching their movers before finalizing the one.

Most of them are new movers and are ignorant about the ways to find professional movers. The other people don’t have sufficient time to research their movers before choosing them.

As a result, they fall victim to fraud movers and packers. They get a highly stressful move after contacting such movers. These movers are a bunch of unprofessional people who claim to be renowned movers.

However, you don’t have to be stressed anymore as you can detect these movers easily. If you keep in mind a few tips, you can easily find professional movers according to your move. Here are the best tips that will help you detect the fraud packers and movers without much effort: –

Research your Movers Properly

The first step to avoiding any moving scam is to screen your shifting service providers beforehand. If you research your mover carefully, you will save yourself from the moving scams. Today, researching your mover is important to move safely and affordably.

There are many ways to check the authenticity of your movers. You can go through their reviews online. Also, make sure to read the negative reviews of a particular company. This’ll help you know about the company in detail. You can also check their background. You must go ahead to choose a professional mover only after checking their reputation in the market.

 Verify their Documents before Choosing them

It is also crucial to check all the important documents of your movers. All reliable moves are happy to show their documents to you. However, many movers might refuse to show these documents to you. This is a sign that your mover is a fraudulent one.

There are several documents you can check while choosing your movers. Some of them include the Pan Card of the moving firm, registration details, and license. You can check these documents and be assured of contacting a legal mover.

Don’t Fall for the Cheap Moving Prices

The fraud packers and movers offer their services at the cheapest prices. They do this to attract customers to their services. The people who search for cheap shifting services fall a victim to the fraud movers. However, they end up getting the worst relocation services from the fraud movers.

Also, there are many incidents of missing or lost items. The fraud movers have the most unprofessional staff working with them. They don’t take care of the safety of your items during the move. Apart from this, these movers demand more money from the customers to deliver their goods to their destination. So, you must research your movers carefully before choosing them.

Ask for a Written Contract

This is one of the most important things you must take care of while choosing your movers. Make sure to ask for a written contract from your moving company. The reputed movers are ready to give you the written contact. However, if your movers make excuses and do not provide you the written contract, then you must look for another mover.

Many fraud movers provide incomplete contracts to you. These contracts are of no use to you as they don’t have the vital information related to the move.

It is essential to get the contract from your movers. You can get a lot of information about your move by going through it. It is advisable to check many things in the contract. Some of them include the terms and conditions of your move, your final moving charges, and other important details.

Beware of Hidden Prices

Many customers are bound to pay hidden prices to their movers. The fraud movers add these prices to their final moving bill. These are hidden prices and you are surprised to find them in your final bill.

So, if you don’t want to pay these extra prices, you must choose reliable movers first. You can ask your movers about these hidden prices. If they are unsure about them, then you might be dealing with a fraud mover.

No Website

Many movers don’t have their websites. If you don’t find the website of your chosen mover, it is a clear sign that you are dealing with a fraudulent mover. The fraud packers and movers don’t want to come in limelight. So, they don’t create a website of their own. Hence, it is advisable to stay away from the movers who don’t own a website.

Incomplete Physical Address

The reliable movers are delighted to offer their contact details along with their complete address. However, the fraud movers do not give their complete address on their website.

Some movers put incomplete or wrong addresses on their websites. They don’ want people to locate them in any case. Still, many people want to visit them personally. But they fail to find them at their given addresses. So, if you are having a hard time locating your mover, then something is wrong with your mover.

Improper Phone Communication

The fraud movers and packers do not have expert staff with them. So, the people who pick up the phone talk in an unprofessional manner. If you experience it while talking to your mover, then don’t choose your moving company at any cost. There are higher chances that you are dealing with a fraudulent mover.

Also, the staff of the fraud moving company doesn’t take the name of their company after picking up their phone. They only say packers and movers in HSR Layout after picking up their phone. So, this is another clear sign that your mover is a fraudulent one.

Paying Upfront Cash

The fraudulent movers and packers want you to pay upfront cash to them. The reliable movers don’t want cash before offering their moving services. So, if a mover is demanding the full amount in cash before the move, he is a fraud mover.


The above-mentioned methods are immensely helpful for you to detect the fraud packers and movers in the market. You can learn about other ways to identify fraud movers functioning in the market.

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