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Best Tools You Need to Improve Your Blog SEO In 2022

In this article we would be going over the Best Tools You Need to Improve Your Blog SEO, make sure you read this article till the very end as it will be very informative and will cover all you need to know.

Any one who is a blogger should already know what seo is which is short for search engine optimization.

Seo (Search Engine Optimization) helps a blogger in pretty much everything that they do.

If a Blogger can not integrate seo into his or her site the person is just wasting their precious time.

It is very easy to say learn about seo and add it to your site but seo is very hard to learn.

I remember how long it actually took me to learn some basics stuff concerning seo.

Well if you are suffering from this as well and you do not know how to begin, then the best option for you is to use tools that will help you achieve this seo goal.

This tools will help you to skyrocket your seo journey and begin to rank on search pages, this will help you get more traffic and as well help you to begin generating income from your blog.

Let’s go over the best seo tools you should try using to begin skyrocketing your seo and ranking on google.

Best Tools You Need to Improve Your Blog SEO

We would be going over some of the best tools this tools are popular and you must have probably heard of them.

I made sure to use this tool and properly analyze them before writing this article.

Many people have their preference that is why we made a list of them because we are sure you should definitely find the one you love among the list.


This is for me the best seo tools you can ever try out, they help you with every thing from analyzing keywords, to site crawls to keyword recommendations and much more.

Every one in the blogging business must have probably heard of moz and how to use it.

This tool provides data on a variety of indicators, including Domain Authority, and aids in the development of extra backlinks.

With competition research and SERP analysis, it aids in the discovery of new keywords.

This tool can also be used to track your ranking.

This program crawls your entire website for any faults or errors.

This tool is available for only $99 dollars per month which is expensive the only downside to moz is that it is available for only those residing in the US.


This is another website which I would recommend to any one who is trying to run a successful blog.

Ahrefs is free to use but when using the free version not every feature will be available to you.

The main features which will actually help your site seo would not be accessible to you if you decide to use the free version.

The pricing of this ahrefs per month is up to $99 dollars.

Which is expensive for those who are starting blogging with no cash at all but it is definitely worth the money.

Ahrefs has different packages and the amount charged depends on how long or the length of your purchase.

This could be one month, four months, year and so on make sure you choose the package you can afford comfortably.


This is another website or tool which helps bloggers, semrush also helps bloggers with keyword research.

Although this keyword research is limited per day, they offer 7 keyword research attempt per day.

Once the free ones have being exhausted then you will be asked to either purchase a plan or start out by trying their free trials.

Although most people complain that this platform is actually very complicated for newbie bloggers which is why It is not highly recommended.

Growth Bar

This is by far the most easily used SEO tool in the market.

Growth Bar helps users get millions of google results, keyword results, facebook ads and much more.

You can use this tool to easily analyse your competitors sites and know how to easily surpass your competition.

Growth Bar is a good tool which is very recommended as they help a lot in search engine optimization and blog ranking.

Long Tail Pro

This is a site which you can get long tail keywords which can help you in ranking in google SERP.

You should know by now that long tail keywords are what helps you to rank on google.

Unlike other site long tail pro helps you get this long tail keywords, they do have other features.

Although their platform is a little bit complicating and can not be easily understood if you are a newbie blogger.

Long tail pro do not offer Backlink analyzer for you to analyze your competitors Backlinks.

Uber suggest

This is an search engine optimization tool which is owned by neli patel, everyone in the Blogging business should know this man.

Uber suggest offers pretty much everything from Backlinks analyzer of your competitors, site audit, keyword research and much more.

They also get up to three free keyword research per day from Uber suggest.


This tool helps you to improve your webpage rankings.

SeOptimizer site audit tool offers everything a blogger need for their search engine optimization and rankings.


This leads us to the end of this article concerning the best tools you need to improve your blog Seo.

We advice you to read through this article thoroughly and do your own research before choosing a tool.

Each tool is very effective and has unique characteristics, this is why you need to think and figure out which one your blog actually needs.

This tools also has similar characteristics which you would have noticed by now if you were reading this article carefully.

We are sure it was really helpful to you and now you know about the best tools you can use for your blog.

If you wish to get more information such as this one then make sure you visit our official website

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