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Computers and Technology

Best Motherboards for Video Editing

The best approach to ensure consistent performance is to build your own workstation from the ground up using the best motherboard for video editing rather than purchasing one already assembled. Even if you’re not a computer whiz, you can still set together a computer with the help of tutorials and tips available online. Make careful to shop around for the greatest workstation motherboards while putting up your rig.

In most cases, people are concerned with choosing the best processor or graphics card, and this is understandable given the importance of these components in terms of overall system performance. However, it’s amazing how little attention is paid to selecting the best motherboard and the best motherboard brand of all.

When doing resource-intensive operations like video editing, your CPU and GPU will be hampered if you choose the incorrect motherboard. Having stated that, the purpose of this post is to provide information about the best motherboards for video editing.

Observations and Opinions

In terms of video editing, there are several motherboards that are outstanding at maximizing the potential of key pieces, but the sheer number of options available might be confusing. For your convenience, we’ve whittled your choices down to just seven outstanding possibilities.

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Gaming Pro Edition MSI X299 MSRP

Also, the MSI X299 Gaming Pro Carbon Motherboard is a high-end choice for video editors that need plenty of horsepowers. For all of its high-end capabilities and superb usability, the Pro Carbon motherboard comes at an affordable price point when compared to competing models from other manufacturers.

Due to the RGB LED accents, this motherboard was designed primarily for gamers; nevertheless, due to its ability to handle the most demanding games, you may also use it for video editing chores.

Also, if RGB LEDs aren’t your thing, you can utilize the included heatsink to customize the setup to your needs.

There’s no need to be concerned about your PC overheating when doing hard video editing activities thanks to the motherboard’s powerful fan headers. Depending on your needs for speed and quietness, you may use the headers in PWM or DC mode. Overall, this motherboard is a great choice if you want to do a lot of video editing.

You could also check to see which motherboard is best for the X series: the best X570 motherboard, best X470 motherboard, best X370 motherboard, best X399 motherboard.


  • Supports Intel’s Core X-Series processors
  • Secure M.2 SSDs with the M.2 Shield
  • Sound Blaster X4 with the Nahimic 2+
  • Support for gaming via wifi and LAN
  • DDR4-4266+ memory is supported

ROG Maximus XI Hero from ASUS

The Asus ROG Maximus XI Hero, with its ROG (Republic of Gamers) moniker, is one of the most competent and costly motherboards on the market today. This is the board to get if you want to construct a high-end editing workstation.

What distinguishes the Maximum XI Hero from the other motherboards on our list is the outstanding number of connectors and the excellent memory support it offers. The customization options are endless, and you won’t be forced to accept slow performance.

Thanks to 802.11ac WiFi, this board has excellent networking capabilities as well. The board is compatible with Intel’s 8th and 9th generation CPUs.

For those who use Adobe Premiere Pro as their main editing program, the ROG Maximus XI Hero will provide you with the performance you need. In addition to the Intel Z390 chipset and ATX form size, the board supports up to 64GB of DDR4-SDRAM.


  • Supports Intel® CoreTM i7-8 and i9-9900K processors
  • Dual-channel DDR4-SDRAM with 64GB capacity
  • ATX board with a Z390 processor
  • WiFi 802.11ac ac networks
  • RGB synchronized lighting

Frequently Asked Questions

What System Requirements Do I Have to Edit Video?

An 8GB minimum RAM, a multi-core CPU with at least 4 cores and an acceptable clock speed of approximately 2.3GHz, at least 256GB storage space (ideally SSD), and an excellent graphics card are all required for effective video editing. The video editing program you use determines your graphics card choice.

Video Editing with the Core i5: Is it a Good Idea?

If you’re a newbie video editor or have a limited budget, an i5 chipset maybe your best option rather than an i7 or i9 chipset. While Core i5 CPUs can edit 1080p films without a hitch, they become noticeably sluggish at higher resolutions.

Which Adobe Premiere Pro CPU is the best?

Adobe Premiere Pro requires a Core i7 or Core i9 chipset or AMD equivalent to run properly. At the very least, the CPU should have eight cores and a clock speed of 3.2GHz.

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