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Assume your company is expanding and making more sales every day. Do you have the resources to meet your delivery deadlines? If you are not effective in making timely deliveries, it can hurt your business, which is why having a system that will streamline your delivery management process and provide an outstanding client experience is critical.

Delivery management software is specifically intended to help organizations automate order administration. It saves you time, ensures faster deliveries, keeps your clients happy, lowers your fuel expenses, and effectively manages your drivers, among other benefits.

Do you have any reservations regarding the delivery management system’s capabilities? We’ll go over how adopting this software into your organization can boost income and improve customer service in this blog.

Genic Delivery Management Software: An Overview

Genic DMS is a simple delivery management system that may be used to organize, schedule, dispatch, and optimize daily tasks. This powerful software allows you to track your deliveries in real time, optimize your drivers’ routes to conserve gasoline, store electronic proof of delivery, and offer consumers with tracking information.

When you have this software in place, your team’s overall coordination and communication improves, resulting in faster, more transparent, and efficient deliveries. Our DMS will assist you throughout the process, from receiving the order to assuring doorstep delivery.

Genic DMS’s promising features will help you stay ahead of the competition and improve the quality of your delivery operations.

The Delivery Management System’s Features

A delivery management system is ideal for all types of businesses, regardless of size or industry. Let’s look at some of the features that will help you run your business more efficiently.

Management of Delivery Accuracy

Your staff will be frustrated by the paper-based distribution system, which will also result in the loss of many crucial papers. Delivery management software, on the other hand, improves the accuracy and general efficiency of the delivery management process.

It improves connectivity and communication across departments to guarantee that orders are delivered on time. Managers may effortlessly and stress-free control all capabilities from anywhere. It also increases consumer communication by keeping them informed about the status of their orders.

Vehicle monitoring

Managing drivers and giving them jobs depending on their availability is a time-consuming task that can result in costly blunders and waste of money and resources if done manually.

If you use delivery management software, on the other hand, you can follow your drivers in real time, track the time it takes to make a delivery, and view available slots.

When managers keep a careful eye on cars, they can avoid unnecessary delays by reassigning deliveries to a driver who is closer to the destination.

Driver Management

When your company expands in size, you’ll need a bigger workforce to run things. It will become difficult to keep up with every team member as your team grows.

Managing team members, particularly drivers, takes time, and if you don’t coordinate well with them, you’ll end up with delivery delays.

Delivery management software is designed to make your delivery process more efficient. It allows managers to communicate with field drivers, view their information, and track them in real time.

Notifications App for Mobile

The delivery management system’s mobile app makes it easier to communicate with your drivers and customers. Only with the appropriate customer information can your drivers ensure timely delivery.

Your drivers can access information at any time using the Genic DMS mobile app. It also bridges the communication gap by providing specific instructions to the delivery person on a certain purchase, ensuring that customer sentiment is not harmed.

Delivery Scheduling cuts delivery time.

It makes no difference how many people you engage to manage your sales and orders; it will simply create you problems and squander your money. Because human submissions are prone to errors and delays, they will reflect poorly on your company’s reputation.

That is why it is critical to upgrade to software that automates the process, lowers operational expenses, eliminates the possibility of errors, and saves you time. When your business processes are efficient, you can give excellent customer service and meet your objectives quickly.

Lower Your Fuel Costs

Are you spending a lot of money on gasoline? It’s most likely because your drivers don’t optimize and use the shortest routes to fulfill your stuff. If you use delivery management software, it will automatically determine the most efficient and least congested route to save you money on fuel.

Furthermore, when the driver is nearby, our program will automatically send messages to your clients to check that someone is home to take the order; otherwise, your driver will have to return to redeliver.

Electronic Delivery Proof

Proof of delivery is necessary to ensure that the package is received by the intended recipient. Software for delivery management produces. Electronic proof of delivery reduces the need for unnecessary paperwork, improving on-site operational efficiency, customer retention and happiness, workflow productivity, and more.

 It delivers an instant confirmation notification to the office and the customer after your driver has completed the delivery.

Deliveries on a Calendar

Managing and coordinating daily orders is difficult, and even minor errors can result in dissatisfied clients. You can, however, organize and reorganize your daily delivery plans using delivery management software, depending on the availability of your drivers and other resources. 

Any potential of inaccuracy is eliminated when you have a calendar view of your daily delivery activities. You may also use the mobile app to tell your drivers about any changes to their schedule.


Investing in a delivery management system will pay off in the long run for your company. It relieves your burden by optimizing your delivery operations, allowing you to focus on business growth. So, what do you have to lose? For your last-mile deliveries, it’s time to start looking for delivery management software Singapore.

Need assistance in locating the best delivery management system in Singapore? Genic Solutions is on the scene to help. Contact us right now to learn more about why Genic DMS is essential software for your company.

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