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Reference and Education

Benefits Of Online Courses For Teachers

Teaching is a noble profession and a teacher is the first guide for a student in the world outside their home. A teacher is the one who leads his or her students from ignorance to knowledge and darkness to light. A teacher is a candle that burns itself down to light up the students’ world. A teacher is one of the most important people in a student’s life as it is only a teacher who can guide the student in the right direction and make them a better person who is more kind, more human and more responsible. Children are like wet clay and teachers can mould them to make them the best possible version of them. 

In the last two years, after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the world undergoing multiple lockdowns, the economy was falling and the education sector also suffered. The entire education system was moved to the online space and online teaching and learning became the popular methods since schools, colleges and all other educational institutions could not re-open. Many teachers also lost their job due to the effect on the economy and many teachers lost their jobs due to the inability to learn the online teaching methods sooner. Online teaching is not as difficult as it seemed in the beginning and all teachers sooner or later became experts on this type of teaching method. But the hardships were not less for anyone and teachers who could keep their job experienced reduced pay and salary cuts. The tasks of the teachers remained the same but their pay was reduced and staying home the bills of various utilities increased more than ever. In such times, conducting private tuitions, online courses, giving one-to-one mentoring sessions and creating educational videos for online classes seemed like a good option for an additional income. 

In this article, we will be discussing online courses and the benefits of selling online courses for teachers. 

 Online Courses

Online courses can be created and sold on a variety of platforms online that allow teachers to use websites, desktop apps and mobile apps for the same. The first question that any teacher had about such courses was “How to sell online courses?” The answer to this question is not very complex. Teachers can upload a created course or create the course using the online platform and then upload the same along with the price for attending the course and make it live for sale. The sale of the course can easily be promoted using social media platforms and sharing the course link to your contacts.  

These days teachers and professionals from across the globe sell courses online for sharing their knowledge and experience with students. There are various benefits of creating and selling courses online. The following are the advantages of creating an online course and selling it online using a website or app:

  • Reach A Wider Audience: Online platforms for conducting courses based on different subjects and topics can be accessed by students and professionals from across the world. Creating an online course can allow a teacher in India to share their knowledge with a student somewhere in the USA or the UK or anywhere in the world depending on the internet permission. 

  • Flexibility: Online courses that are conducted in the pre-recorded video-based modes can be recorded by the teacher and uploaded. The students can access the videos and study material at any time and the teacher does not have to be present online while the course videos are run by students. Students can send their doubts and queries and the teacher only needs to keep a check on their email or messages to help students solve their doubts. 

  • One-Time Task: The best part about online video-based courses is that the videos only need to be recorded once and then the teachers can upload them. The course can be used by multiple students multiple times. Teachers only need to regularly update any stats and data provided.

  • Make An Additional Income: Teaching via online courses is not just for teachers and tutors. People from other walks of life can also share their knowledge and experience and start teaching using these platforms. This is a good source of additional income as well. 

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