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Aluminum Windows: Cleaning and Upkeep Tips

Given the benefits of aluminum as a material for construction projects, more and more people now opt for aluminum windows for their homes. These windows outperform many other window types, especially when it comes to appearance, durability, and how it lasts longer than wood or any other metal options. They are also easy to install and maintain so it is indeed a great option to choose for your home. However, given that this type of window only needs minimal maintenance, they still need a bit of attention and cleaning to keep them looking good as new without having to think whether they are still operating smoothly or not. 

Generally, windows really do not need regular cleaning. You do not need to have them checked and polished everyday. This task is depending on your own personal preference on how often you will be cleaning them. But an ideal timeframe for this would be once every few months. Allow yourself to allot time in cleaning the glass every month, and the frames every two months. This will keep them free from dirt while still looking at their best state.

But before anything else, prior to the actual cleaning procedure, you first need to check the windows to see whether they are still working properly, can be easily opened and closed, and if there are cracks that are not noticeable yet but have the possibility to. With this checking measure, you can fix everything beforehand, to avoid further damage as well.

The cleaning methods for each window varies in some areas. Sometimes, this is measured by the age of the actual window. Newer coated aluminum fixtures will have to be cleaned in a less harsh way. Unlike in those windows that are being used for 15-20 years already.

Cleaning aluminum windows is a straightforward process. But then it is still important to be done with the right steps to follow. If not done properly, you could risk damaging the frames and their surfaces. Keeping aluminum windows clean is important to ensure that they are still working continuously as they should. This article will provide you with cleaning and upkeep tips. These tips include the mixing of detergent and cleaning agent with clean water, gentle scrubbing, wiping the windows with a soft and dry cloth, and greasing the window to ensure that they will provide you with optimal and long-lasting results. Continue reading.

Mixing Detergent and Cleaning Agent With Clean Water

The usual method that people do for cleaning windows is wiping it off with either non-abrasive cleaners or clean water with a mix of mild detergent or a cleaning agent for a soapy solution. The detergent to be used must have a pH level of 7 or less. The soap, on the other hand, must be non-alkaline. This is for the color-coating of the window panes to not get chipped or lose its finish.

In cleaning the glass surfaces of the aluminum windows, a sponge or a soft cloth with a microfiber material is recommended. This is to ensure that the windows look as clean as a brand new, newly installed one.

Generally, with any household cleaning, it is always suggested to start from the highest point, working your way down to the bottom. This is an ideal move because if you start cleaning from the bottom part, it might inflict risks like dirt and debris falling on areas that you have already cleaned. If you are going to remove loosen dirt stuck to the window corners, use a hose to spray them off.

Before you consider the cleaning done, run through a final scrub down to remove any remaining debris build-up. You need to make sure that you have scrubbed all the areas around the windows, all the metal and glass surfaces, as well as the window joints and grooves. Regularly cleaning your aluminum windows holds an opportunity for you to check for any damage. This will allow you to have them fixed before it gets worse.

Gentle Scrubbing

Aluminum windows tend to get sensitive. Especially with how strong you scrub them, or how hard the materials you are using. You should take only soft-bristled brushes, like a nylon brush. Dip them into the soapy solution and start brushing the debris off the windows. This will also remove the patches of grime and dirt stuck to the surface. Do not use steel wool for scrubbing as it will extremely damage the quality of the windows.

Big brushes cannot remove those grime settled in hard-to-reach corners. Thus, an alternative for this would be with the use of an old toothbrush with slightly hard bristles. Though with any material that you will use for cleaning the windows, ensure that you are always scrubbing them gently. You must be careful not to leave permanent marks on the glass during the process.

After brushing the aluminum windows with bristled brushes, you can now take a soft, wet cloth or sponge to wipe the loosened lumps of dirt clean. Also try to include an effort to scrub the joints and grooves of the windows. This will ensure that their movement will still operate smoothly.

Wiping With a Soft, Dry Cloth

After all the soap mixing, brushing, and scrubbing, and once it has already been rinsed properly, wipe the aluminum windows with a soft, dry cloth. Make sure that you wipe them off until all water is removed. Especially from the hinges, joints, and grooves to prevent damage. Additionally, use a cloth with a microfiber material as it is effective and excellent in water absorption.

When wiping, it is better to do them in a single direction, giving your aluminum windows a better shine. You must also refuse to touch it in any way unless it is completely dry, to avoid leaving fingerprint marks.

Greasing Your Windows Right

By the time your aluminum windows are dried up, then is the right time to have the joints, hinges, locking systems, and springs greased. Maintaining these is vital to ensure that the windows will last for a long period of time. This can also guarantee you that your windows will still operate smoothly and freely. Before applying lubricants and grease, you must ensure that the joints are completely dry as well.

Key Takeaway

Having aluminum windows may require you with lesser maintenance, but it is still important to extend an effort with cleaning and upkeep. Tips like mixing detergent and cleaning agents with clean water, gentle scrubbing and wiping with a soft and dry cloth, and greasing the windows properly will help you ensure the quality of the aluminum windows. If you fail to monitor the cleanliness of the windows and its sliding operations, even the littlest grains, dirt, and debris, may accumulate in damaging your aluminum windows in the future.

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