All About Dirty Pipe and How it Affects Android Smartphones

Dirty Pipe might seem like a new word to android users. But before you decide to run to a mobile repair store near you, you must understand this term.  However, this has been functioning in many smartphones for a long time now,  but not a lot of people are aware of it. There have been a lot of talks about security which is at risk and simply termed the dirty pipe. So how does the dirty pipe affect the smartphone or the smartphone users?

What is the dirty pipe?

Dirty Pipe is referred to after the vulnerable security and the researcher who raised serious concerns about it. Dirty Pipe has been found in Linux kernel version 5.8 or higher. The researchers have been observing the serious types of bugs in the operating system. Which can put the customer’s data at risk. These bugs take a toll on the security and allow malicious data to be injected into any kind of data the customer has. This can lead to further attacks and prove as an invasion of the privacy of a customer.

How does the dirty pipework?

Practically, many of the smartphones in the market today are launched along with the Linux kernel. Especially, when it comes to the android smartphones that are known for including it.

The dirty pipe makes use of the Linux kernel. The Linux kernel is capable of reading and writing and processing data through some aspects which are called pipes. Linux provides two different files and a fix in different ways. Hence, this issue can lead to further problems causing enormous damage to the smartphone.  Someone who was trying to attack the data of any user can effortlessly go through or pass by the security of these devices. The hacker can gain access to and modify the system without even the user granting any type of permission. Therefore, the user will not even get any kind of clues or pop-ups that will hit them about this activity. As a result, all of these activities would your devices at high-risk and can be leading to ample problems at any time.

How does the dirty pipe affect your smartphone?

The security of your smartphone gets at risk once the dirty pipe activity starts. No phone repair service will help you to fix the dirty pipe. The vulnerability directly attacks the Linux Karnal, especially in android smartphones. Smartphones carry a certain amount of risk which can differ from device to device depending on what type of activity the hacker aims at.

However, you can still have a reason to smile as the affected list of smartphones is not that long. The smartphone is that of our affected by the dirty pipe. If you notice, the Linux kernel version five-point is only available on android smartphones with the android 12 version or later. If you are aware of the software update you have been using on your mobile.  Then you are completely safe or can make yourself safe with your decisions.

Can you check the Linux kernel version on your smartphones?

The Linux Kernel version 5.8 was established in the year 2020. Many experts also suggest that it is important to make a way for android smartphones with version 12 released last year.  However, the brand and the model also matter in that case along with the software and operating system. Today, millions of users around the globe use Android smartphones. To make it easier for the customers and the users there are some steps that they can follow.

  • Your smartphone’s settings option is readily available.
  • Click on the about phone option and scroll down to the software or the android version of your smartphone.
  • Go ahead and click on it and see the Linux kernel version that is working on your smartphone is using.
  • If you notice that the Linux kernel version to launch on your smartphone is running on the 5.0 series or below then you must be happy as it is not in danger at all.
  • However,  if you notice that your Linux Kernal version of the smartphone is above five, you must make it a point to check for updates available on your device for the newest version.

How can you fix such problems in your smartphone?

It can be an issue of massive concern when someone notices that they are putting their data and information at risk.  Because of the updated version of their smartphone software. However, many mobile phones receive software updates.  It might be easy for you to switch and update to the newer versions. Many android mobile phones might still keep on sticking around with outdated versions and that might be a tremendous reason for you to sell your old phone and switch to an updated one. Quick Mobile is a website that will help you to sell used phones and update to the newest version under your requirements and budget.

With a team of experts at Quick Mobile, you will be happy to come out with possible solutions to any issues that come up with your smartphones. The website deals in a variety of android smartphone brands which will provide considerable exposure to your device.

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