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Adhesive Door Number Signs

The Self Adhesive Door Number System has been in use for a while, but recently some new technology has been introduced that may revolutionize the way we use this product moving forward. Many years ago the self adhesive door number systems were not holding up well, and soon the covering began peeling away. Your first instinct would be to just peel of the self adhesive and get straight to the point. However there’s more to this story.

There are two main types of material you can use

  • Vinyl

  • Latex


Vinyl is the cheaper option but is not as strong or as durable as the other material. When it comes down to it, if you are putting up a large ad for a company in the area, it is probably best to go with vinyl self adhesive door number labels.

Self adhesive door number label can work really well on wood, vinyl and composite material. They do not work as well on aluminum which will eventually corrode. There is no advantage to buying a stronger material than you need. Only buy what you need. This means you should buy from a reputable supplier who can provide information about the strength of their products.

The next thing that causes self adhesive door number labels to work harder is the weather in your area. For example, if you live in an area where it is cold and damp all the time, your adhesive will not be as effective as it needs to be. This will work against you as well as for you. You will get more adhesive on your garage door every time it is left open as well as more adhesive on your doors and windows.


If your house number door address is printed on a different material. It is much weaker than normal plastic numbers. In fact, it cannot hold much weight at all. It is even brittle when wet. If you want to use this in an area that has lots of humidity or water exposure such as a hot house or carwash where it will be exposed to wetness on a regular basis, then think again.

Take a quick guide of self adhesive door numbers, Where it use or look attractive

Self adhesive front door number label also come in a variety of colors. It is quite easy to identify whether or not they are meant for your house number door address. Some of them look like real wood or faux wood. You can also get them in clear color to match your house exterior. These labels can be customized to fit your requirements. You can choose to add your own message on them to make them personal.

Garage Door:

The most popular use of self adhesive door number label is on the garage door. It is easy to remove the adhesive tape and wipe off any debris before affixing the labels on the garage door. These can be really useful when the garage door is old or damaged.

Home Front Door:

The home front door numbers are designed to withstand a lot of pressure and are great if you have heavy traffic in your home. You will be able to remove the adhesive labels when the need arises. For extra convenience, you can purchase self adhesive labels that have labels on both sides. This way, you will only need one adhesive label and they will fit on both sides.

Post Box Numbers

You can also get self adhesive door numbers that are used for mailing purposes. You can customize the numbers with your first name and the town or city you live in. You can also get digits for hotels, banks, stores, post offices and other commercial establishments. You can easily personalize your mailbox door plate and your hotel office digits. The hotel office digits are mostly used to place directions near the hotel entrance.

These are some of the uses of self adhesive door number sticker. They are mostly used by people who like to personalize their spaces. You can create your own designs by using special paper. You can order personalized stickers from any local or online printing company.

You can use different kinds of stickers. You can choose custom stickers and they can be made according to your specific instructions. They can be used for indoor or outdoor purposes. You can choose from different colors and materials as well. You can also order free personalized stickers. They will be delivered within two business days.

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