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Achieve Platform Stability With Android’s Latest Update

Users have seen significant advancements in terms of applications and user interfaces since the launch of Android. Before 2004, most operating systems and the apps that supported them were limited. For smartphone owners, Android, on the other hand, was the cherry on top. Recently Android launched its latest version, which is regarded as Google’s most thorough version. The new update of Android 12 Beta focuses on UI, which is adaptive and enhances speed along with privacy and security. 

Furthermore, Android 12 Beta gives developers new tools to create engaging experiences for users on smartphones, tablets, desktops, and wearable devices. Do you want to create your Android app in this latest version? Must contact the reliable Android App Development Company who can help you in it.

Discover the New Highlights of Android 12 Beta

Google has taken the next step by introducing the fourth beta for its upcoming Android 12 operating system. It will give access to a fresh new build OS. No doubt, the updated version of Android brings new capabilities for the app developers. However, we have mentioned the additional features of Android 12 beta to the operating system. Let look our the prime features:

Unique User Interface

Android 12 has seen substantial modifications when compared to earlier Android versions. First, they redesigned the entire experience, starting with the colors and moving on to the forms, light, and motion to create the most expressive, dynamic, and personal version.

This development was carried out in collaboration with Google’s core software, hardware, and Material Design teams, who unified their software and hardware systems under the “Material You” design language.

The vital point is that the new design language has extended to the platform and UI elements. This means that the apps will begin to receive these upgrades. Do you want to convert your ideas into an android app, then why not hire android developer from an eminent agency.


In Android 12, a new function called “stretch” has been implemented. It’s an Overscroll effect that tells users when they have reached the end of your UI’s available content. This effect creates a concentric scroll-stop indicator that all apps may use And set up for all scrolling containers on the platform and AndroidX. The new stretch overscroll replaces the previously existing glow overscroll.


When it comes to development, the essential factor is privacy, and Android 12 aims to give users more clarity while keeping their data safe. The microphone and camera alarms, the Privacy Dashboard, and the microphone. And camera toggles are among the new privacy settings for Android Beta 2. In this update, the users will have access to allow the tweak app permissions. In the future, we will get introduced to many more features. Therefore, look for the best android app development company that can help you in getting all these features in your app.

Performance of the App

The newest update of Android has made a lot of enhancements if we talk about the performance. Now the apps are going to process faster and with the new high-performance standards of devices. This update has also reduced the CPU resources duration for the system functions, making the devices more intuitive. Moreover, the battery consumption of the Android is also improved.


It is very essential to check the compatibility of the Android app. With the Android 12 Beta update, initial users and developers have access to the pixel and other mobile phones. It means people will be able to test the compatibility of your app on Android 12 and can report any fault they find in it.

Redesign the Widgets

Widgets in Android 12 have improved to be more effective, appealing, and accessible, in addition to design changes. The new dynamic controls now include additional functionality such as push buttons, levers, and checkboxes, making it easier to create widgets.

The Android widgets this time combine smoothly with the themes and UI system, with large buttons and padding that are dynamically adjusted to each home screen and launcher. Furthermore, you can customize widgets for smartphones, tablets, foldable displays, and other devices thanks to its adjustable patterns.

Also, a color API has been provided, allowing your widgets to use system colors to give a personalized but consistent experience. As a result of the improved widget picker and interaction with the Assistant, the widgets are now easier to reach.


On the whole, to get all the features of Android 12 beta in your app you can reach out to the reliable Android app development service provider for your business. Even if you have any questions regarding the new update of the Android. The developers of the firm can assist you with all the information. So what are you holding out for? Start using Android 12 beta now.

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