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Computers and Technology

7 Mac Tips That You Didn’t Know [Helpful Guide]

Mac OS computers are the ones that are preferred by most users all over the world. The best performance of these devices is liked by everyone. For the better use of these devices, there are some tips which should be followed.

This article contains a list of some very helpful Mac tips that enhances the performance of a mac device and gives the user a better user experience.

List of Best Mac Tips That You Didn’t Know

This list contains a variety of different Mac tips for a Mac OS device. All the tips are very easy and simple to use. These tips are capable enough to improve the performance of your device and give you a better user experience.

Tips and tricks for different purposes are mentioned in this article. Users are required to choose a tip according to their needs and requirements.

1. Use an Accounting Software

The first Mac tip on our list is to use accounting software for Mac OS devices. This software facilitates the user in keeping a record of all the financial things like all the incomes and the expenditures.

There are many software available today for this purpose, that help the user in getting rid of the traditional way of doing the accounting.

These software saves a lot of time for the user and makes the work of accounting an easy task. A clear picture of the funds is provided to the users while using these software.

2. Talk To Your Device

Every Mac device comes with an inbuilt virtual assistant named Siri, it does all the work on just the voice command of the user. You just need to ask the virtual assistant and the rest of the things will be done automatically.

Apple the manufacturing company is making continuous advancements in this virtual assistant. Now some basic works like setting up an alarm or making a note are possible without even an internet connection. The user is just required to say Hey Siri and the work will be done.

3. Take a Screenshot of a Specific Part of The Screen

Most of the time while taking a screenshot of the computer screen, we are not required to take the whole picture of the screen, only a part of the screen is needed by the user.

To do this you are required to press the Command key plus Shift key plus the number four key. When you press all these keys together on your keyboard then you will be able to take a screenshot of a desired part of the screen.

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4. Sign Your Documents Within the Mails

Another important Mac tip for your Mac device is signing the documents which are in the form of PDF files within the emails. This is an extra security feature by which you can ensure privacy in your documents.

For signing the documents you need a preview app on your Mac device. Open the preview app and navigate to the Tools > Annotations > Signature > Manage your signature.

Create your unique signature here and add it to any document of your choice. This helps the user in signing a document quickly and effortlessly.

5. Split Your Screen

This is a very easy but highly effective tip for your Mac device. By splitting the screen into two or more screens you can easily do multiple things with a single device.

For splitting the screen click and hold the full-screen button from the top right corner of your screen and adjust according to your requirements.

6. Make Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts

Next up we have this amazing tip through which you can easily create your own Shortcuts on a Mac device. This tip is beneficial when a task is done on a regular basis repetitively.

The user is required to go to the tool menu of the device and select the option to customize the keyboard. After that, you can easily make any shortcut of your own choice.

7. Run Windows OS on Your Mac Device

This Mac tip is unknown to many users that they can run Windows operating system on their Mac device. This is possible by partitioning the hard drive of the Mac device.

This Mac tip is very beneficial for those users who have recently shifted to the Mac device and are facing some problems in using it. So they can easily run an operating system which they are familiar with like Windows.

Final Words

These were some of the best Mac tips for your Mac OS device. These tips make work really very easy for the user and increase the level of productivity.

All the Mac tips mentioned in this article above are very easy and simple to use, that can be used by all users. These tips are very effective and efficient in doing the work quickly for the user.

Hope these tips will help you in some or another way. If you have any queries left with you feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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