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6 Reasons Why You Will Fall in Love with Dubai

There are certain unique aspects of every city. These can either be related to work, vacation, or any other such reason. While Dubai is majorly known as a vacation spot for the luxurious lifestyle and exciting nightlife that it offers, there is more to it. And that is the booming industrial opportunities that it holds.

UAE labor law, with renowned lawyers in Dubai, maintains a balance between the employees and the employers so that neither party becomes a victim to the other’s act. This work stability allows an enabling ground for the employees and employers alike and helps them grow. No wonder we are able to see multinationals setting up their businesses here and a growing influx of intelligent workforce choosing UAE over others.

Let’s take a look at some attractive features of living in the UAE:

  • Quality of Living

The UAE offers high quality of living to its citizens. It is not surprising to know that this region has zero-tax, which means people can potentially earn 100% of their salaries. With this, they get to enjoy far more income and world-class shopping experiences. People do not have to pay for the stamp duties and taxes, rather, those who work here for more than 2 years, get to earn benefits out of it. For instance, they get to earn an end-of-service benefit, which is 15% of their annual salary.

Moreover, there is a steady increase in international investments, revolutionary infrastructure plans, and economic prospects that surely contributes towards the rising living standards.

  • Location

The UAE is at the heart of Western Asia, allowing tourists and citizens to easily travel the world from here. Also, there are a plethora of different cultures and histories of the region for one to experience.

In addition to this, one can also travel to other cities and countries for work purposes. It is definitely right to believe that Dubai opens up new horizons for one to witness.

  • Career Building

Expats in UAE are a lot more than locals. One can believe that as many as 9.2 million people, that’s 80% of the total population, comprised of expats. This happens because the UAE faces major labor shortages, and proactively creates new and exciting opportunities to bridge the gap and accommodate the people moving in. This land is particularly welcoming for entrepreneurs and startups, and provides numerous opportunities for them.

  • Culture

The UAE is rich in culture and the experiences that it provides. As mentioned above, more than 80% of the population consists of expatriates. That means that it hosts people from all over the globe, allowing them to interact and socialize with individuals of different backgrounds.

With the constantly rising standards, Dubai is becoming a center of luxury. Extravagant leisure options and frequent public events, as well as internationally renowned shopping districts, make the city synonymous with luxury and appreciation of the finer things in life.

Emirati life centers around families and hospitality. You can always be sure of a warm welcome when meeting new people.

  • Work Environment

The country maintains a balance between work and leisure routine. As per the UAE’s Labour Law, an employer is entitled to work for a maximum 8-hour working day for those in the private sector. The working hours are nine-hour days for those in retail, hotels, and restaurants.

Like the rest of the world, the UAE is investing in employee engagement. However, the Emirates is working even harder to attract workers from overseas. Many employers in Dubai offer benefits to all staff, including:

  • Up to 30 days holiday per year
  • Health insurance
  • Free airline tickets to visit employees’ home countries every year
  • Bonuses
  • Housing allowances
  • Flexible working hours
  • Education grants, funds, or allowances

Whilst working practices and employer expectations have for the past few decades differed across geographies, work-life balance is increasingly recognized in the Emirates. Business leaders are heightening efforts to improve staff wellbeing, happiness, and retention.

  • Job Security

The work-life in Dubai also gives the employees a sense of job security as they continue to work here. The articles and the clauses of the labor law clearly outline a set of rules and regulations for each party to follow. Failure to do so will result in paying compensation and even losing the job.

Moreover, towards the conclusion of work, either party is entitled to give notice. However, if any of the terms from the contract has been breached by the employee, the employer holds the right to terminate the contract. This is clearly outlined in article 88 UAE Dubai law. Such enforcement ensures that the work practices are adequately carried out.

The Takeaway

Life in Dubai will never be boring. Whether hustling around the city trying to get things done, meeting people from different parts of the globe, or trying not to break any rules, you’ll experience a new adventure every day. Sometimes fun, sometimes chaotic, sometimes just plain crazy; this city ensures that every single one of its residents will have unlikely tales to tell.

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