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5 Tips to Buy The Best USB C Cable

We all have smartphones that have become part and parcel of our lives. As these are the source of our entertainment as well as communicative activities, we’ve to keep them topped up so that they can function to their maximum potential. For this purpose, we’ve to knit any charging cable such as micro USB cable, USB C cable, or lightning cable with your mobile phone.

First of all, you’ve to find out the compatibility of your smartphone with the specific charging cable. Nowadays, most mobile phone devices have compatibility with USB type C cable. USB C cable has revolutionized the world of charging as it possesses a lot of features that are much needed for today’s charging.

If you desire to forgo low charging issues then we suggest you arm yourself with an exquisite quality USB C cable. The cable’s reversible connector has eased us a lot. You don’t need to check multiple times if the connector is right to plug or not. Here we’re going to enlist five tips to keep in mind before you go for purchasing a USB C charging cable.

Check the Cable’s Current Carrying Capacity

The feature that is inevitable for fast charging is the current carrying capacity of the cable. if the cable has a higher current carrying capacity then it’ll charge your smartphone faster than the standard charging cables.

The cable that has 3.0 A mentioned on it will transfer 3 amperes per second and fill your phone’s battery with charging juice in no time. This cable can support a high-power delivery charger. USB C cable with a high amperage charger will be the best fast charging cable. It will boost your smartphone with lightning-fast charging speed.

The current carrying capacity of the cable determines its speed of charging. The more the current carrying capacity, the more will be the charging speed of the cable. The current carrying capacity further depends upon the material of the wire used in the core.

If there’s a copper wire at the core of the cable then higher amounts of current flow through it. High current delivery fills your phone’s battery in a very short time.

Make Sure the Compatibility of the Cable With Your Smartphone

Sometimes, some people don’t bother to ensure the compatibility of cable and mobile phones. But it is essential if you care for your money and time. It’s not a big deal to tell your supplier about the suitable connector you want to have for your devices.

On the other hand, there could be a hassle when the wrong connector is delivered to your house. Now, you cant charge your phone with it you’ve already paid for it. the next step you’ve to take will be returning the product and replace it with the right one. So, to avoid such an unpleasant situation, you should make sure of your phones’ compatibility first.

Check Out the Material of the USB C Cable

The durability, quality, and reliability of the cable depend upon the material the cable is made of. The stronger and sturdier the material, the more will be the longevity of the cable. The longevity of the cable depends upon the cable in a way that the upper protective coating of the best material keeps it safe inside. That’s why the cable’s current supply doesn’t get disturbed or hindered.

The USB C cable comes in two different textures

  • Braided material
  • PVC material

Both the materials have their own benefits. The braided material possesses the interwoven threads that make a mesh on the outer surface of the cable imparting it extra strength and sturdiness. On the other hand, the PVC material is soft, smooth, and plane surfaced material that looks great but is not so much strong as braided material. So, if you want a lifelong experience then grab your hands on the braided one.

Select the Appropriate Length of USB C cable

When it comes to the comfort of the user then the length of the cable matters the most. The more the length of the cable, the more will be the freedom to you to move in your place. On the other hand, the lengthier cable allows you to charge your mobile phones while lying on the sofa and couch.

If you’re fond of using your smartphone while relaxing on the bed or sofa then you should opt for the more length of the cable. The USB C cable comes in the following three lengths

  • Half a meter
  • 1 meter
  • 2 meters
  • 3 meters
Get A USB C cable with Reinforced Joints

The joints are easily prone to breaking and damage. When the cable twists upon a joint, it is possible that the cable gets damaged on the joint. Not all cables have soft and bare joints that create a hassle for you.

So, it will be very wise of you if you go for a cable that has reinforced joints. The cable will last for a long time making you comfortable according to the durability of the cable.

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