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5 Girly Gift Ideas for Girls

Shopping for girls is not an easy task. It’s a hard nut to crack. Every time you have to think about getting something different. With lots of options available in the market, this confusion of selecting the best gift for girls has become more tedious. Girls are very selective when it comes to gifts. You can’t impress a girl with just simple soft toys. Whether she is your girlfriend, wife, sister or mother, you have to do extensive research before buying them a gift. For girls there is a plethora of options available in gifting. From flowers to cosmetics, you name it and you have it. But certainly there are some items that are exclusively made for girls, and they can never have enough of it. Raksha Bandhan is around the corner, you corner, and as a brother you must be looking for gifts for your sister. So here I have curated a list of some girly gifts that your sister would love to have. The items I am going to list below are also available in online stores and shopping websites. You can get them these gifts from there as well. You can get more options in online shopping websites than shopping in stores. There are delivery facilities also available in online shopping, thus making it convenient to send gifts to any part of the country. There is gift and cake delivery in India, so you can send gifts to your sister on Raksha Bandhan even from abroad. So here are the few options that were suitable as gifts for any girl  and I hope you liked and will find the article helpful.

So let’s have a look at the gift options that is suitable for any girl 


Girls love clothes, and they can never have enough of them. There is insatiable thirst for clothes among girls. Girls usually spend a huge amount of time shopping for clothes either from stores or via online shopping websites. There is a variety of options available in clothes for girls depending on the season and time of the day. Getting apparel can definitely make your girl feel overjoyed. You can choose from ethnic, casual, Indo-Western, Fusion, etc. There are also lounge wear, gym wear, beach wear etc. Available. Before buying any apparel for her, make sure to consider her choices. Girls are very particular in choosing clothes. 


It’s a generic statement that girls love to wear makeup. But it is not applicable to everyone. Still, cosmetics are one of the best girly gift options. Usually girls spend a huge amount of money buying cosmetics. If it makes them feel more confident and enhances their features. Then why not? There are a variety of brands available in cosmetics. But not all are genuine and safe. So you have to be very careful while buying them. It’s better to ask them about the brand they use, so that you don’t waste your money buying unnecessary products. 


Usually girls have a bag fetish. They love to have different kinds of handbags. There are a variety of bags available like sling bags, tote bags, backpacks, clutches and what not. Every brand launches something new every year and thus the variety. So if you are looking for something useful, then a handbag can be a great gift for her. You can ask the brand she wants because, as I said, girls are very particular about their stuff. 


Accessories are girls’ best friend after their clothes. They love to pair them with different outfits, and certainly it enhances and completes their look. Accessories like scarfs, belts, hats, hair accessories are most loved. So you can get them some cool and trendy accessories. You can buy them online as well. You can also send flowers and gifts to India from Singapore via online delivery services. 


Looks are incomplete without shoes. Shoes are not only worn for protecting the feet from external factors but also to match the outfit and look stylish. There is no dearth of options in the shoe category as well. There are heels, sneakers, boots, casuals, sandals etc. You can get a pair of footwear for your girl to make her smile. Just ensure that the size of the footwear is perfect and it is comfortable for the feet. 

So these were the few options that were suitable as a gift for any girl. I hope you liked and found the article helpful. Whatever you choose, make sure she is happy with getting it. 


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