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5 Developer’s New Year Resolutions: Tips for Beginners and Pros


New Year is coming and it is a high time to think about some resolutions. 2021 was full of challenges, exciting discoveries, and incredible projects. More and more people due to the pandemic decided to change their profession, got inspired and started their path in the IT field. However, in the article you will find some advice on how to continue going to success in the new 2022.

  • Not a day without a code line

It is a great procrastination killer to have coding as a habit. Yes, it is quite difficult to do it but, as we know, it is a secret of every successful person.The rules are quite simple, just keep coding daily for at least 1 hour and track your progress. You may want to use best practices to improve your way of coding and make a high-quality project, software, app. It helps not only those who are in the beginning of their career but those who know the field inside out. 

  • Develop yourself not only projects

People who work in a field for a long time tend to think that they reached perfection and they learnt everything possible, as they do not learn but practice for so many years, so they stop following trends, news, looking for more information, and develop their skills. Luckily or unluckily, the IT sphere is changing rapidly. Every day there is something created and that is a professional developer should stay updated to keep up with the progress. So, here are some simple tips:

  • Check GitHub and the alternatives daily – there you may keep up with the changing trends in the field.
  • Read tech articles and books – for most of the developers their learning comes from tutorials, blogs, and documentations. But how many of them do it daily or at least on a regular basis? 
  • Take up courses, workshops, bootcamps, and training – it may be a great compliment for self-learning. Nowadays, bootcamps are gaining popularity, the short-time intense sessions allow developers to get some knowledge, practice, and new skills fast.
  • Share your knowledge – it will help you to stay focused and motivated, it will help you to generate new ideas, grow and develop your skills, and, of course, to gain recognition that all of us want.

You may find the most comfortable way to get new information, the main idea is to not stagnate and keep being a better and better version of yourself every day.

  • Challenge yourself

Bet you heard about hackathons, a great event where developers can build and expand their network and learn loads of things they never knew before. You may also look for one near you and create an interesting and revolutionary project there. One more idea you may want to pick up is to participate in a Project Euler, one more tech event where you will need to solve different mathematical and computer programming problems using all the skills you  already have. 

If you are an app developer but always wanted to try something new, and maybe develop a website, or you are a front-end developer who wanted to be a full-stuck one, or you always wanted to learn a new language, try this out, maybe it was something you lack in your professional life. If you were dreaming about your own game, learn how to write a script, how to internationalize and localize it, so you may conquer the whole world with your idea. Or maybe you want to have a new personal skill and experience, new year is always a good time for experiments, isn’t it? 

  • Show up your skills

A great number of developers contribute to open sources because it is a wonderful way to practice something that you learnt and help others to learn something from you. Moreover, it is not a secret that recruiters, potential employers and future clients are watching articles and codes closely to understand what developer will fit their team and meet the requirements.  For university and college students Google organizes several open source programs where young developers can challenge themselves and have practice from one of the huge tech companies, for example, there are  Google Summer of Code (GSC) and Google Code-In (GCI) programs. If you have your personal blog, it will also help you to build your brand, let people know about your skills, what you may offer and bring to the table, thus it will help you to have the projects you are interested in because your blog and your articles will be your portfolio, unfortunately today just a plain resume is not always enough. 

  • Work on your idea

Sad to say, many developers and people connected to the IT sphere have a dream project but always end up working on something else. Break the circle, and start doing what you really want! 

If you already started working on your project or even finished it, start thinking about going global. There are a lot of potential clients whose life could be better with your services and apps. If you are on this stage, you need to do it wisely, choose the markets that will be most beneficial for you, find out all the details about it, look for a localization company with a reliable team, this preparation stage may take some time, that is why you may start doing it without dallying off. Then you may move to translation and localization of your materials, interface, and collection of the directory of your project. 

Final Thought

The list can not be full, as you may have your personal goals that you want to achieve this year, your interests and values, the aim of the article was just to put a tiny grain in your mind and show you some examples for your New Year resolutions. Find your path, develop yourself, and make the world better. We can only say eat, code, love! 

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